Foods to Stock Up on Over the Festive Period

Whether you choose to consume them over Christmas and New Year’s or not, stocking up on bits and pieces over the festive period is a must! Often, in the time between the two occasions, many outlets have incredible discounts and offers on, so it’s the perfect time to make sure your cupboards and drawers and filled to the brim. Who doesn’t love snacking on Christmas snacks and chocolates well into the following year?!

What savoury items are popular?

A breakfast tradition for many, smoked salmon is enjoyed on Christmas Day as a “start of the day” celebration. Whether you enjoy on it’s own or on top of a bagel, smoked salmon is an amazing source of protein with copious amounts of vitamin B3. It also has a pretty good lifespan, so if you want to stock up for after Christmas, you can do!

Hosting events post-Christmas? Maybe you have friends coming over for a birthday celebration or you’re just gathering together to catch up? Many supermarkets have incredible offers on around this time for party food. Whether it’s frozen or ready to go, fill your cupboards and freezer up with some of the stuff! Frozen party food is loved by everyone, and you can purchase things such as mini-burgers, small canape items and more; perfect for serving all year round.

What sweet items are popular?

Ah sweet treats. A festive favourite across the country. No matter if you’re a lover of Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, sharing chocolate boxes or candy canes off the tree, there really is something for everyone.

Chocolate tubs and boxes of biscuits are a firm favourite among many, and with quite a decent shelf life, why not stock up on these while they’re on offer? They’re great for post-Christmas family gatherings or even children’s birthday parties! Don’t want to head to the busy supermarket to get yours? Many places now offer chocolate delivery too, so you can order them from the comfort of your own home during the busiest time of the year.

Can you stock up on festive drinks?

Absolutely! With a lot of popular supermarkets offering deals like 25% off six bottles of wine or fizz, and even discounts on spirits, beers and other festive tipples, this time of year is ideal for stocking up. You could even buy a surplus of wine to keep in the house ready for people’s birthdays throughout the year!

Why not be savvy this Christmas and stock up on all your family favourites for after the festive period has come to an end.

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