How to Make an Adorable Paper Craft Easter Bunny Scene to Play With

Looking for a fun Paper Craft Easter Scene that the kids can easily make on their own?

This simple craft is perfect for Easter fun and a great way for them to use their skills and creativity to make a fun picture!

The best part?

It's a simple afternoon craft that will occupy them and bring them happiness as well.

Paper Craft Easter Scene

I love looking for new ways to bring out unique art and creativity in the home.

The kids are more than willing to make fun projects and arts and crafts as long as I have all the supplies on hand.

(That's a parent's job, right? To supply the art supplies and let the creativity flow free?!)

I also really love having homemade decorations showcased up around the house, too.

While it's fun to go to the store and spend money on Easter decor from time to time, I'd much rather have our walls lined and our windows fulls of artwork that the kids have created. 

We love to find new arts and crafts every year that align with the holidays and help the kids to get excited about creating. 

What age is their paper craft Easter scene geared towards? 

As long as you're there to help, this fun Easter activity for kids can be done for a wide variety of ages.

I really like to sit down with the kids while they're crafting to see what they can come up with - and let's be honest, they say some of the cutest things as well! 

Don't miss out on this fun Easter craft! It's a great afternoon activity for the kids to do to get excited about Easter! 

How to Make the Paper Craft Easter Scene


Here are all the materials you'll need:


1. Choose 3 different shades of green coloured craft papers for the bush layers and blue coloured craft paper for the background.

Use the template to cut out the three layers of bush shapes.

2. Grab the shortest bush layer and apply glue along the sides and bottom, keeping the top free.

Attach it to the bottom of the medium sized bush. 

3. Glue the largest bush part to the blue background, but apply glue only to the bottom and the sides.

4. Glue the medium bush part, with the smallest piece attached, to the bottom of the picture. But apply glue only to the bottom and the sides.

Make sure to keep the top ends of all 3 bush layers open, so that they can be used as pockets. 

5. Select orange paper for the carrots and colours of your choice for the bunny and egg crafts.

Trace the patterns on the selected papers and cut them out using scissors.  

6. Stick the inner ear cutouts on the ear parts of the bunny.

Stick on the patterns to complete the carrot and egg craft as well.

7. Use sharpie to draw the nose and mouth of the paper craft bunny.

Trace some orange lines on the carrot papercraft and use scissors to trim the extra sides of the egg decorations.

8. Trace and cut out some cloud shapes from white embossed paper and stick them on to the blue background, near the top.

Insert the paper craft items (bunny, egg and carrot) inside the bush pockets and have fun playing with your Easter scene!

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