Review: Light Switch Timer Security Device

With the evenings drawing in and the clocks set to go back at the end of the month, many of us begin to worry about the security of our homes, especially over the festive season.  Nobody wants to be burgled at any time of year, but it is somehow worse in the run up to Christmas, just as we want our homes to be an inviting refuge from the outside world.  Today we have a handy little device that could get your home crossed off the burglars' hit list for good.

Home Office crime figures reveal that four out of five burglaries take place when no-one is home, so the police and security experts advise residents to fit homes timer lights when they’re empty and in darkness, for example if you are away on holiday or home late from work.  However, many timer lamps do not give the same realistic glow as a genuine light, sometimes making it even more obvious that no-one is at home.  And unfortunately, the timers which fit on to wall light sockets need to be wired in, usually by an electrician, which puts many of us off.

Spotting this gap in the market, and wanting to make her own home more secure with a reliable timer for her lights, inventor Naiem Dakri created a revolutionary new product that could be fitted to the existing light switch on the wall without the need for any rewiring.  Accredited by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) crime prevention initiative via its Police Secure by Design initiative, the Light Switch Timer fits over any standard wall light switch, installs easily and requires no wiring in.  This innovative product also won Insight DIYs Gold award for best new security product 2015.

The Light Switch Timer allows you to programme your main home lights to come on and go off at natural times, even when you're not at home, for example if you are on holiday or out late.  You can see just how it works in this video:

The battery-operated Light Switch Timer can be used in any living space, preferably whichever gives off the most light, thereby deterring any would-be intruders.  It can be attached to any 1, 2 or 3 gang switch allowing you to programme your lights to come on and go off as required.  The device can be programmed with different times and days, to suit your lifestyle, and also to make it seem as though you are at home.  The product has been received positively by both the police and the security industry and continues to gain recognition and garner awards.

We love how easy it is to install and how effective it is at lighting up the home when we're home late. So much nicer to come home to the lights on!

The Light Switch Timer is available from leading high street retailers across the UK, and online at, RRP £29.99.

Why not invest in a Light Switch Timer for your home this autumn?  Not only will you be able to deter burglars, but how much nicer is it to come home to a ready-lit house?

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