Refreshing Beet Berry Smoothie Recipe

Raw, prepped or roasted beetroot can be used in this recipe.  However, roasted beetroot will yield a smoother texture.  To save time on busy mornings, cook the beetroot by washing and wrapping in aluminum foil and baking in a hot oven for approximately 1 hour while you're making dinner during the week.  Store roasted beetroot in the fridge for several days until ready to use.

Refreshing Beet Berry Smoothie

Serves 4


2 large bananas, cut into chunks
150g frozen strawberries
150g frozen raspberries
2 large red beetroot, roasted, peeled, and chopped
250ml almond milk, unsweetened**
6-8 large ice cubes
1 tsp chia seeds, we used Sevenhills Raw Chia

Optional: 4 sprigs fresh mint to garnish


1. Add the bananas, berries, beetroot, almond milk, and ice cubes to a high-speed blender.  Cover and blend on the highest setting until completely smooth and creamy, approximately 2 minutes.  If the mixture is too thick, add a little water to reach the desired consistency.

2. Divide between 4 glasses or mason jars and top each serving with some chia seeds.  Garnish each glass or jar with a sprig of fresh mint, if using, and serve immediately. Enjoy!

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