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Are you concerned about your child's teeth? With us Brits having a bit of a reputation for having bad teeth, detecting and dealing with children's over-crowded or crooked teeth as early as possible is essential. And with dental appointment's being like gold dust right now, we have a very special opportunity for you this autumn.

Award-winning specialist orthodontist Dr Chaw-Su Kyi is offering every Attachment Mummy reader a HALF PRICE in person consultation this November, or a free virtual consultation on Zoom.

Why Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Who wants crooked, protruding, asymmetrical, gappy or overcrowded teeth when they can easily be dealt with, particularly as kids.

If wonky teeth are making your child feel self-conscious or stopping him or her from smiling, this is the ideal opportunity to get the problem assessed. Your child will soon be smiling from ear to ear!

Specialist orthodontist Dr Chaw-Su Kyi is on a mission to get the nation smiling, particularly offering the best orthodontic care to kids.

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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with how teeth grow, the jaws and the face. It's in growing demand as we Brits make the decision to deal with our problem teeth and get a winning smile.

Unlike general dentists, who perform many other procedures, Dr Kyi specialises only in orthodontic brace treatments. She is recognised as an expert in the latest advances in orthodontics and has extensive experience in all brace and teeth straightening options.

Orthodontics focuses on improving the harmony of the mouth and jaws. It can help to correct a misaligned bite/overbite, making eating and caring for teeth and gums easier, and can correct harmful habits such as thumb sucking.

Braces can also be used to help close gaps in the teeth and to straighten out over-crowded teeth, giving children a more aesthetically pleasing smile. And don't worry, braces today are nothing like the heavy metal train-track style we all remember!

This also helps to reduce the risk of plaque and food getting trapped, which can lead to gum disease, and guide permanent teeth into a more favourable position.

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

From the age of 8 children's teeth can be assessed and any problems or issues can start to be dealt with. In fact more than 200,000 children and teenagers in England and Wales have orthodontic treatment within the NHS every year.

This is because we now recognise that having good teeth helps us smile more and boosts confidence. After all, smiling is an important part of our mental wellbeing!

As parents we know that seeing our kids smile is one of the best things in the world. But did you know that smiling has many positive psychological benefits too? Smiling helps release all those feel-good hormones in the body, including dopamine, endorphins and serotonin.

In fact, researchers found that just one smile can generate the same level of positive hormones as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate!

Smiling is an important factor when making friends at school, as it helps us to connect with others and makes us seem more approachable.

So your kid needs to stop feeling self conscious and to get smiling! Great teeth will help that happen.

Why Should I Make an Appointment with Dr Kyi?

Dr Kyi knows how important your child’s smile is and believes that children can benefit hugely from having specialist orthodontic care. She offers consultations in a stress-free environment and assures parents that their child's treatment is in safe hands.

If you want to help your child unleash their best smile on the world, but are worried about what orthodontics might entail, make an appointment for a virtual or real life consultation with Dr Chaw-Su Kyi.

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Paediatric orthodontics is about more than just cosmetics, it makes sure your child has healthy, strong teeth as a vital part of their development. The right treatment will give your child the best opportunity for lifelong healthy teeth. 

What is the Ideal Age for Orthodontic Care?

Dr Kyi often assesses children aged between 10-12 years, when nearly all the permanent teeth have erupted. However, orthodontic treatment can be started on certain types of tooth problems even before all the baby teeth have fallen out.

She recommends an initial orthodontic assessment for children from age eight to check all the teeth are coming through correctly.

Dr Kyi’s forward-thinking approach for early corrective treatment can prevent the need for more complex treatment later in their teens, giving your child the best opportunity for lifelong healthy teeth. 

One of the most important factors for effective treatment in children is to find an orthodontist you trust and feel safe with. Finding the right person to take you and your child through the journey of having braces is essential.

Why not make an appointment for a HALF PRICE consultation with Dr Kyi to start your journey?


What to Expect from Your First Orthodontist Appointment

A thorough consultation and assessment is important before you agree to undertake any treatment for your child. 

Dr Kyi has treated over a thousand patients, and works to tailor their individual needs to the available options.

The consultation will last at least an hour, enabling Dr Kyi to carry out a full clinical assessment, examining the facial features and assessing the dental features.

She will then work with you to decide on the most favourable treatment option for your child and if there are any circumstances that require further tailoring of the treatment.

Dr Kyi will fully explain how each available option is suitable or not suitable for your child, the benefits of each treatment, any risks involved, what after care will be necessary and if your child will be limited from doing anything during treatment, how long the treatment will take, and costs.

You will receive a written treatment plan to enable you to carefully consider the options available.


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