10 Lilac Recipes You Must Try this Year

Have you ever thought about eating lilac flowers? Yep, lilac is edible!

Read on for 10 delicious lilac recipes you must try this year.

From lilac syrup and sugar to tea, wine and even donuts, these recipes are amazing and SO delicious!

First, let's answer some of your most pressing questions about lilac:

Are all lilacs edible?

Yes, but it is only the flowers that are the edible part of the common lilac bush.

What are the health benefits of lilac?

It turns out lilacs are good for us - and not just to look at!

The colour in the flowers is what gives lilac it's health benefits, including antifungal and astringent effects.

Lilac also helps to ease anxiety and treats skin problems.

What can I make with fresh lilac?

There are lots of ways to use lilacs in your home and kitchen, including wine, honey, sugar syrup and tea.

You can also use the flowers to decorate desserts and bakes, either by sugaring the flowers to preserve them or freezing them in ice cubes.

Can you drink lilac water?

Simple to make, lilac water is just delicious. It's just like drinking a glassful of spring!

To make lilac water, pop one or two stems of lilac into a pitcher of water and place it in the fridge to allow the lilac essence to infuse the water.

A delightful drink for a special occasion, a spring time afternoon tea party, or just because.

Lilac lemonade is super delicious too!

This Lilac Flower Tea is a floral tea made from springtime lilac blossoms and hot water.

It can be sweetened optionally with wildflower honey, too. Or try a slice or two of sweet pear.

This easy recipe for syrup and sugar made from lilac blossoms is great as a gift!

The syrup is lovely in tea, and the sugar can be used in baked goods.

The unusual floral flavour of lilac pairs well with citrus, so try mixing with lemon in drinks or sorbet.

Lilacs are only in bloom for a few short weeks, why not turn them into a delectable pastry?

Capture the floral essence of this edible flower in an easy-to-eat baked donut.

This Lilac Flower Simple Syrup is a subtly-scented, floral, spring syrup recipe that can be used in mocktails, cocktails, drinks/beverages, and dessert recipes.

Lilac syrup can be used in cocktails, mixed with lemonade or soda, or added to baked goods, glazes and frostings. 

Capture the flavour of spring in a bottle!

Lilac wine is so simple to make when lilacs are in bloom.

With a few handfuls of flowers, you can ferment your own floral wine with this easy recipe. 

Lilac sugar can add a soft and gentle floral note to your baking and desserts.

All you need is lilac blossoms, white sugar, and a little time!

This Lilac Flower Honey is a floral-infused honey with only 2-ingredients: Lilac Flowers and Wildflower Honey.

Enjoy this subtle, Springtime honey recipe on desserts, in tea, or other beverages.

Capture the beauty and medicinal benefit of scented lilac flowers in this powerful and fragrant lilac oil.

It can be later used in homemade cosmetics or added to the bath.

Lilac jelly is one of the easiest flower jellies to make, because the flowers are so abundant.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can make a special treat for the family.

Flower jellies also make unique gifts.

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