Family Days Out In Buckinghamshire: Bekonscot Model Village, Beaconsfield

Welcome to Miss Mouse's village!

Or at least that's what the sign should say, as any parent or child familiar with the video for Miss Mouse's song in "Show Me, Show Me" will recognise the delightful model village of Bekonscot, where she fearlessly rescues Momo and Tom from the 'giants'.

Situated about 20 miles from London, in the lovely town of Beaconsfield, Bekonscot is an immense site, full of incredible attention to detail, and we loved it!

The bonsai and manicured privet are the perfect size for trees, and you really do enter into the world of the little people who live here.

Growing up a few miles down the road in Chalfont St Peter, I fondly remember going to Bekonscot as a child, so I was hopeful that Lara would enjoy it too.

Unfortunately, she was fast asleep when we got there, but she soon woke up when we pointed out the model train going round.

After that there was no stopping her, and she was off to look at all the little houses and people, even peering in the shop windows to see what was for sale.

All human life is here, with huge manor houses and back to back terraces, which are great for generating discussion about how different people live, and have lived in the past.

There are also a wide variety of different building styles, perfect for Key Stage 1 Homes and Houses topics, as well as historical studies for older children.

The thatch on this house billows smoke every few minutes,
luckily the fire service are in attendance!

A Tudor-style house with glass walls, so you can see the people & furniture inside

This model is of former Beaconsfield resident, Enid Blyton's rather nice home

As well as the many houses and shops, there is a church, with singing choirboys, a market, a zoo, a fairground, a seaside area, complete with sandy beach and harbour, and an airfield.

Lara was absolutely entranced, as were we, but if the attention to detail isn't enough for some grown-ups, spotting the little jokes like 'Juan Coat' the decorator, or 'Ivan Huven' the baker, should keep them occupied!

Bekonscot also has a lovely cafe, with outdoor eating area, a fab children's playground area, and a picnic shelter for if you visit on one of the seemingly inevitable rainy days!

Lara had this fantastic playground all to herself due to the rain

Open since 1929, Bekonscot had nearly 156,000 visitors last year, from all over the world.

It is open from February to November, and is very reasonably priced, with all profits going to charity.

I highly recommend going!

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