Review: WOW Toys Countdown Calendars

Looking forward to future events can be really hard for little children, when next week or month means as much as sometime, and could be at any indefinite point in the future.  If your little pre-schooler is looking forward to a special event, holiday, or occasion, then the new Countdown Calendars from WOW Toys are the perfect way to get some concept of when something is going to happen.

Working just like an Advent calendar, there are ten doors to open in the countdown to that special event, whether it is going on Holiday, a Birthday, starting Pre-school, or any other Special Day.  This brand new toy concept helps give young children a sense of perspective on how much time will elapse till the exciting occasion, and also helps prepare them for it in a gentle, non-pressured way.

The calendars can be personalised and each numbered calendar window contains a surprise toy that can be played with from the first day.  Collected over the 10 days, the toys create a high quality themed play-set that can be played with long after the special day has passed.  Even the box is fun with its integral slide feature to post your new friends down!

The girls tried the Special Day countdown calendar which has a space theme, and loved all the toys they got from it, a lovely addition to their space toys collection.

They also loved the Holiday calendar, which was perfect in the run up to our Butlins holiday last month, and it really helped Sophia - and Lara - get a handle on when we would be going.  Although we still had plenty of mornings where the first thing she said when she woke up was, "Is it today?"!

The Holiday calendar comes with holiday-themed toys such as this cute diver character.  You can see how much Sophia enjoyed opening her calendar below.

These calendars are great fun, and certainly worth having during the build-up to any special occasions and holidays.  They are widely available, priced £9.99.  The birthday one would of course be perfect for anyone, but maybe you have a special day or event coming up, or even a holiday, that you would like one for?

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