Review: Aura ADM 1 Day Contact Lenses from Vision Direct

I've been taking part in the Aura Contact Lens Challenge with Vision Direct this past month, and have been reconverted to the convenience and ease of wearing daily disposable contact lenses.

I'm short-sighted and was a typical 'can't read the blackboard miss' kid, so at the age of 13 got glasses, and hated them.  It was the '80s, they were big and pink plastic-rimmed, not a good look!  When my grandparents offered to buy me contact lenses for my 17th birthday I jumped at the chance. But then went through all the removing, washing and soaking that reusable lenses entail lenses, quite a chore.  Thankfully, the daily disposable arrived soon after and I was an early convert to their convenience and comfort, going on to wear dailies for many years.

As the busyness of motherhood took its toll, I started wearing my glasses more as there just never seemed to be enough uninterrupted minutes in the mornings to get my contact lenses put in.  It sounds daft, I know, as they only take a few seconds, but when you have a baby/toddler/both/three, even a few seconds can be impossible to find.  I was also finding the cost of daily disposables quite prohibitive.  Lately, with life calming down a bit, I had been thinking about going back to contact lenses again, so it was serendipitous that Vision Direct should invite me to try their Aura lenses (find them here).

The lenses arrived speedily, in a letterbox-friendly box (cat not included), and I started trying them out straight away.  Having not worn lenses for a while, I was a little apprehensive about how my eyes might react to them, but the Aura lenses were very easy to put in and immediately comfortable.  The girls liked the added extra of a little packet of Haribo too!

Conveniently packaged, and available online, there's no need for constant visits to the optometrist's office to pick up your supplies, or even waiting in for the post to arrive. And with a recurring automatic payment, you know your lenses are going to turn up when you need them. The individually packaged lenses are in robust individual plastic cases, making them perfect for keeping in your handbag, baby changing bag, gym bag, or car in case you need them. And they are great for travelling too.

Aura ADM 1 Day are very affordable at just £15.98 for a month's supply delivered to your door.  They are made from a soft hydrogel material that's treated with a unique solution to keep your eyes hydrated all day long.  I found the lenses comfortable and hydrating for most of the day, and welcomed the ease of use as well as the difference they make to things like driving.  Until you wear contact lenses again, you forget how much peripheral vision you lose with glasses.

At such a great price, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Aura lenses.  If you currently use another brand, I thoroughly recommend giving these a go, and if you've never tried contact lenses, what are you waiting for?!

You can find out more about the challenge on social media by following #AuraChallenge.

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