Review: WOW Toys Advent Calendars

There are so many fabulous Advent calendars around nowadays, and we will be highlighting our favourites later this week.  But of the daily toy calendars, most contain tiny pieces of LEGO or Playmobil, and are therefore by necessity aimed at older children.  Under threes are largely left out of the toy Advent arena, so unless you want to make your own with a small toy gift each day, you're left with traditional window-only calendars or chocolate.

Luckily, last year WOW Toys spotted this gap in the market and introduced two themed Advent calendars for children aged 12 months up.  This year the calendars are even better than last year and as well as the Wonderland and Town themes, they have added a Farmyard version too.  So whether your toddler is an animal lover, Christmas-mad, loves cars and things that go, or enjoys playing with figures and shops, these Advent calendars have something for everyone.

Each calendar contains 24 toys and all the play pieces join together to create a lovely set which works perfectly with other WOW Toys, or other similar play sets.  With no small parts, no toxic paint and no PVC, these robust toys can be chewed, dropped, bashed, etc etc and they will last and last.  Perfect for busy, carefree children aged 1-5 years.

As you can see, the box opens out into a play scene which adds to the play value of the toys.  The Farmyard scene is pictured above, and the Wonderland one below.  They have numbered spaces where the toys can be positioned to create the scene on the box.

Tatiana really enjoyed opening up the windows of the Town Advent calendar.  The windows were easy for her to open by herself (she's nearly 2), and the toys were instantly appealing to her.

When everything was opened, we set the whole scene out for her, although she wasn't keen on us borrowing her play set box for this!  As you can see there are a lot of great toys in each calendar, with lots going on in this little village.  Tatiana loves cars, so has been happily brum-brumming her car round  the village to see everything that's going on.

The girls are all very taken with the Father Christmas, Christmas tree and presents, and they have already been playing out Christmas Eve and Day with their other toys.  Very cute.

Within the set there are shops, animals, people, and a police car, so plenty to play with and a great starting point for all sorts of stories to be played out with.  The perfect way to count down to Christmas, and a great stash of toys to play with throughout the year.  What more can you ask for from an Advent calendar?

WOW Toys Advent calendars are available from many independent toy shops, and online from Argos and Amazon, RRP £24.99.

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