How to Play Easy Charades with Children {+ FREE Printable Clue Sheets}

Do you play Charades with your family?  For many of us this fun parlour game is something we only do at Christmas, but why not try it on your next family game night, or even on a rainy day when you're stuck at home.  Read on for how to play Charades with kids, and to grab a set of free printable clues.

Charades evolved out of a riddle-based game played in France during the 18th century.  Players described the individual syllables of a word and it's definition until the riddle was solved.  The game then changed into the Give us a clue? game we know today where we act out the words in a title or phrase, or perform an action for others to guess.

These days many of us play Charades by acting out the titles of popular movies, books or TV shows, but this can be quite a challenge for young children.  Trying to think of a suitable title, then break it down to act out is rather too difficult for the under 12s.

So we have an easier version that is just as much fun, and will get them into the habit of playing fun parlour games together so you can teach them proper Charades later on.  Here's how to make Charades part of your next family game night, sleepover or party.

Print out these clue sheets then cut them up into cards with two alternative clues on.  Pop the clues into a bowl or basket, then each player draws one to act out.  They can choose either of the opttions on their card, but make sure there is an adult available to help with reading and direction, especially for younger children.

Once they have chosen which clue to do, the player should act out the phrase shown using hand signals and body movements, but without speaking.  E.g making a sandwich or getting dressed.

The other players then try to guess what is being mimed for them, and if they guess correctly they win a point.

You could also play this in teams, so the player's own team gets to guess first, then the opposing team who can steal the point if they guess correctly. 

You may wish to use a timer to keep rounds short and succinct.

The player or team with the most points wins the game.

Download our free printable sheets of 24 Charades clues ready for your next game, a total of 48 different ideas to act out.  Have lots of fun!


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