BedBox: A Unique New Solution for Kids' Travel

Travelling with young children, especially flying, is always going to be hard work, but a new product on the market promises to make things a whole lot easier for harassed parents.  The invention of the hard-cased ride-on suitcase revolutionised travel with small children, and its easy to see why.  Removing many of the hassles of family travel, ride-on suitcases make moving through big airports fun and easy; and they provide essential hand luggage storage for small people.  But what about the main part of the journey, on the plane itself?  What do you do with a tired and fretful child who needs to sleep?  Unique new product BedBox® takes the ride-on suitcase concept and adds a whole new concept: it converts easily into an inflight bed.

Made by JetKids, following six years of development by a former aircraft engineer and airline Captain and his wife, BedBox® has been well received in its native Norway and has now been launched in the UK.  With our renowned love of travel, this product is set to revolutionise plane travel with young children, making it less stressful for parents travelling with young children - and those around them on the plane!

This premium product offers a great ride-on suitcase similar to others on the market, but with the unique addition of a patented bed feature.  As a ride-on suitcase the BedBox® can be used up to 7 years of age, and its swivel wheels allows excellent manoeuvring, whether being propelled or pulled, making travel easier for children, and for parents.

Weighing just 3kg including mattress, the BedBox® is light enough for mum or dad to carry along with their toddler, but also offers plenty of space for a young child's precious in-flight essentials, and other bits and pieces.  The top opening, rather than side opening, design means there is no risk of things falling out, and everything is easily accessible.

Comfortable sleep on a plane is difficult to achieve for all of us, but sleeping opportunities for children on board most aircraft are especially limited.  Not only can the ride-on element make traversing the airport fun and easy for kids, but once the aircraft is airborne, the BedBox® quickly converts into "bed mode" with the help of its unique lid and machine washable mattress (which can also be used as a changing mat).

Designed to be used during the cruise portion of the flight, after take off and once the fasten seat belts sign is turned off, the BedBox® is ideal for children up to 4 years old to sleep on.  It can then quickly and easily be stowed away again before landing.

Patented BedBox® is the ultimate travel product for kids: hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and inflight bed, all in the same box.  It is suitable for use on-board airplanes and a universal fit for almost every airplane seat and type; it can also be used on board trains, making an uncomfortable train seat into a comfy bed for long journeys.

You can see how the BedBox® works in this video:

We all know how hard it can be travelling with a fretful small person who desperately needs a nap but just can't get comfortable.  With BedBox®'s unique design, everyone will get the rest they need - even teddy.  BedBox® is the ultimate travel gadget for children from 0 years, all the way up to 6-7 years.

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