What Do Mums Really Want for Mother's Day?

Beautiful and even well-chosen gifts are one thing, but your mum wants your presence - and some free time to herself! - more than anything this Mother's Day.  Read on to find out what mums really want for Mother's Day.

1. Time Off, No Questions Asked!

Time to do nothing, time to read, time to take a bath (alone, door closed), time to sit in a coffee shop, time to garden, time to make a long phone call to a friend or to catch up in person.  All mums are so manically busy all the time, that they desperately crave some time to do 'nothing'.  So if you're a dad reading this, take the kids out for a few hours and let her have some time to do exactly as she pleases - and no, cleaning or doing her tax return don't count!

2. Flowers

There are very few women/mums who don't love fresh flowers, whether it is a carefully chosen bunch from the supermarket or a beautiful bouquet, beautiful flowers make the perfect gift, especially if they are hand delivered by her loved ones.  Read our guide to choosing the best bouquet and how to make flowers last longer.

Flowers c/o Waitrose Florist

3. A Lie-In

Kind of the same as number 1, but with this one the rule is that she must sleep.  A lie-in in the morning before Mother's Day, or the day after would be perfect, because then she can spend time with her littlies on Mother's Day and still catch up on some zzzzz....

4. Breakfast in Bed

This is why the lie-in needs to be the day before or after because breakfast in bed on Mother's Day is the law*.  Whatever your mum's favourite breakfast, it should be presented beautifully on a tray with a posy of flowers and lots of smiles, kisses and cuddles.  (*The only exception that can be made to this is breakfast on the beach, or in the garden/up a mountain/in a field.)

5. A Clean House

Either bite the bullet and stay up late the night before Mother's Day and do it yourself or get someone in.  Either way, she should be exempt from all cleaning and household duties for at least 24 hours, preferably a month.

6. A Carefully Chosen Gift

OK, you're pressed for time, but please don't leave it till the last minute or grab the first thing you see.  What she really wants is to know that you have put thought and effort into choosing something perfect.  What does she love to do when she has time?  Gardening, long bubble baths, baking, reading?  Choose the perfect gift or day out to match her interests.

7. Spa Treats

Whether you can run to a spa break or pamper day or just a massage or pedicure at her local spa or salon, a gift certificate for some pampering is sure to go down well.  Mums are so busy looking after everyone else, let her have someone take care of her for a change.

8. Handmade Cards

Small children should make cards, medium sized children should make cards, big children should make cards.  All handmade cards should be kept by mothers and treasured forever.  These things we know.  Dads, if play group/nursery/preschool/school haven't got the small people making cards, make cards with them.  If they have already made cards, makes some more.  If you're not sure how to, check out our Mother's Day Pinterest board.

9. Handmade Gifts

Take a look at this list of beautiful home-made gifts your mum will love, or get the children involved in making these simple kids Mother's Day crafts.  Then buy a lovely box to store all the handmade cards and gifts in.  A quick heads up though, whatever she says, she also wants something beautiful bought too, sorry (see number 6).

10. No Cooking

Whether you take her out for lunch at her favourite restaurant, a lovely afternoon tea out or make a lovely cake for your mum.  Or perhaps you could arrange a family picnic (even if it is on the sitting room carpet), or take over the cooking at home, make sure her favourite foods are included and that she doesn't have to get involved - apart from to eat it.  Oh and wine will definitely help, even a glass of Champagne.  Bliss!

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