Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has hit the mainstream in a big way in the past couple of years, much to the amusement of those of us who have been eschewing its benefits for years.  However, you may know it's 'trendy', but just what can you do with it?  As Asda launches the UK's lowest priced extra virgin coconut oil, retailing at just £2.35 per jar, here are our top uses of the miracle oil.

Treat Eczema

This is the only thing that has ever worked on Lara's eczema.  Antibacterial, moisturising and soothing, it works a treat.  Apply topically or use to massage the skin daily.  Great after a long hot bath for mums, too!  Coconut is the perfect cover for cuts and scrapes to prevent infection too.

Strengthen Your Teeth

Oil pulling to strengthen, whiten and clean teeth has been practiced for aeons, and it works.  Many natural health practitioners swear by it and anecdotal evidence points to cavities being eliminated, enamel strengthened and bleeding gums eliminated.  The idea is to swill the oil around your mouth, sucking 'pulling' it through your teeth.  Start off with a tiny amount though as it can make you gag a bit!  Pull for about 10 minutes before brushing.

Cook with It

Use instead of butter in your baking, cook your stir fry or curry in it, add it to smoothies, pop some in your salad dressing, mix it through your granola, or just spread it on toast.  High in medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil boosts the metabolism, aids digestion and helps to reduce cholesterol.  In high heat cooking it is better than other oils as it has a very high smoking point.

Be Beautiful

Whether you moisturise face or body with it, substitute for your usual shaving balm, use it to take your make-up off or as a lip balm, keep a pot in the bathroom as well as the kitchen for a multitude of uses.  It's great if you've been out in the sun for too long too, just watch your skin soak up all that goodness.  Coconut oil works a treat on cracked or sunburnt cat paws too.

Calm Your Tresses

Perfect for eliminating a dry scalp with its moisturising and anti-fungal properties, a head massage with coconut oil will keep the flakes at bay.  Double bonus: it will moisturise your hair too.  A dab of coconut oil on frizzy or flyaway hair will smooth and add shine to your locks.

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