Why Give a Backpack? What Difference Can £15 Make?

Last week we told you about the work of Mission Without Borders, a small international charity working to support some of the poorest communities in Eastern Europe.  They work in the six poorest countries in Eastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, giving people the spiritual and practical support they need to be become self-sufficient.  Read the story of how one little boy's life has changed, and how you can help more children like him.

MWB's current campaign is about giving children a chance at education, simply by buying a backpack full of school supplies - for just £15.  The simple purchase of a backpack will help some of the poorest children in Eastern Europe access education and get back to school.  That education will help change their lives for ever.  For just £15.

Why give a backpack?

Vladut is one of the children MWB has already helped.  Here's his story.

Vladut is from a deeply impoverished and marginalised Roma community.  He lives in an isolated village in rural Romania and has very limited chances in life.  In his community no value is placed on education, and a cycle of poverty and hopelessness has reigned for generations.

Through a local church, MWB supports an After School project which aims to break this cycle, essentially by placing education at the centre of everything.  With the support of donors like you, Vladut has been given a new backpack filled with school supplies, he has a place to have a hot, nutritious meal, space and help to to do his homework, and time to have fun and be a child.

When he first arrived at the centre, Vladut was a sickly, quiet little boy with no confidence and no hope.  Today he is a different child.  He smiles (as you can see above), he expresses his opinions and feelings, and he has hopes for the future.  He feels valued and supported, and he and his family have dignity and hope.

Education is the single most important factor for long-term sustainable development for children living in poverty, as well as their families and communities.

Mission Without Borders is committed to helping thousands of children, like Vladut, to break out of the cycle of poverty in struggling communities across Eastern Europe every year.  Can you make a donation today?

Donate just £15 - that's a week of coffees or a few bought sandwiches, less than a take-away - to buy a backpack and help change a child's life.  Give a Backpack today.

What impact can your donation make?

Melitta is the perfect example of just how profoundly an underprivileged child's life can change, for such a small amount.  This beautiful and hopeful young woman has graduated from MWB's support programme and is now 21, in further education, and dreams of becoming a nurse.

She says:

"I grew up in a Christian family of six in Romania but my parents struggled to find employment and we did not have much.  We had to move a lot and I could never settle at school. I always dreamed of going to college, but I never thought it would be possible."

After volunteering at a Mission Without Borders After School project in a nearby village, Melitta was offered a scholarship to cover her tuition fees, school supplies, transport and some living costs.  She is now planning to train as a nurse to work in a local children's hospital.  Her confidence, skills and training are all due to MWB's support.  Support you can help with by donating just a few pounds, whatever you can spare.

Mission Without Borders is committed to helping thousands of children and teenagers to break out of the cycle of poverty in Eastern Europe every year.  Their long term investment in a child’s education and support begins with your donation.  With your donation, for one child that journey of hope can start now by giving £15, or whatever you can, towards the gift of a backpack.

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Find out more about Nuzkha who grew up in a Roma community in Bulgaria.  MWB helped her to finish school and she’s now one of their most dedicated church volunteers.  Or Antonela and her sister who grew up in an Albanian 'ghetto' with their grandmother; with MWB support they are now studying at university.  Understand the true impact of investing in education with Andrei's story.  An orphan living in Moldova with no access to education, today he is studying medicine on an MWB scholarship.

Your donation can make a HUGE difference.

Give a backpack now, and fill it with hope for their future.  Click I want to give a backpack today.

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