10 Simple Ways to Save Money Fast

Trying to take control of spending, saving for something new, or trying to build a reserve fund can seem such a daunting task.  But, like most things in life, it's just a case of baby steps towards a big goal.  Just take one step and you'll be on the way to achieving your financial goal in no time.  Here are our top ways to save money today, right now.

1. Start a spending diary in which you write down literally every penny of discretionary spend (not bills, mortgage etc, the stuff you have a choice over). Everything from car park tickets and coffees to new clothes and holidays.  The very act of writing it down really makes you think.

2. Wait 24 hours (or longer) before buying.  See a gorgeous new dress?  'Need' fancy new saucepans?  If something costs more than £5 and it isn't a need (i.e. food and drink), wait at least 24 hours before buying.  Ask yourself in that time if you do really need to spend that money.

3. Before buying anything new you should also evaluate it against what you already have.  Shop in your own wardrobe or cupboards first.  Maybe you already have 5 pairs of jeans that would do just fine, or 7 red lipsticks.  Will one more really change your life, or could you leave it in the shop?

4. Price check everything.  If you really must buy something, spend 10 minutes researching where it would be cheapest to purchase.  Check for discount codes online too, and sign up to cashback sites if you make a lot of online purchases.

5. Write a meal plan and a shopping list every week.  There really is no excuse for food waste - would you throw a £50 note in the bin?  The average family throws away nearly £60 of food and drink each month!  Check your fridge before you shop, store food by use by date and use the shortest date things first.  Only buy what you need, you can always top up fresh fruit and veg in the week.  Read our guide to how to save money at the supermarket for more tips.

6. Move your bank account.  Shop around and you could bag at least £100 for switching your account.  Look into fee paying accounts that offer extras too, as you may be able to ditch other bills such as insurances and road side assistance in return for a few pounds a month to the bank.  Do your research and make sure the cover is equivalent and works out cheaper though, of course.

7. Check all of your household outgoings on a comparison site.  Switching your utilities, mobiles, landline and broadband could net you several hundred pounds.

8. Paying for Sky?  Do you really need it?  Could you switch to just Freeview, or sign up to Amazon Prime for your free month and see how that helps.  Ditching Sky could save you a lot of money each month, and there's plenty you could do for free instead of slumping on the sofa watching TV every day!

9. Save the environment and your wallet by buying a reusable cup and taking your own tea and coffee on your commute.  Plan ahead and take lunch and snacks for the kids with you on a day out or to work, rather than buying plastic sandwiches and you'll save another fortune.

10. Start a campaign to declutter and sell anything new or nearly new that you don't need on internet auction sites, local Facebook selling groups or Gumtree.  If you have lots of stuff consider getting up early for a car boot sale or two - we made £300 last summer.

Good luck with your savings!

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