40 Low Cost Things To Do This Summer

The summer holidays are now officially underway for all, and although the weather may not be great, there's still fun to be had and activities to be planned.

If you're still wondering how you're going to entertain them all summer long and come out the other end solvent, have a look at our list of 101 free things to do this summer.

Following on from that, here are another 40 low cost things to do too.


40 Cheap Things To Do This Summer

1. Spend a few hours at the garden centre browsing the plants and bring home a packet of seeds to plant.  Salad leaves, carrots, spring onions and squash are all a good bet at this time of year.

2. Go to a local beauty spot such as a hill or forest and learn to map read.

3. Join an organisation like English Heritage or the National Trust for a few pounds each month by direct debit and gain access to hundreds of sites.

4. Find out if there is a lido or open air swimming pool near you.

5. Pick strawberries or other fruit at your nearest pick your own site.

6. Go to a summer fete.

7. Play mini golf.

8. Go to an outdoor film screening.

9. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.

10. Make and run a lemonade stand.

11. Make a delicious afternoon tea for your granny or aunt and let her tell you all about the old days.

12. Make bath bombs or body scrubs.

13. Make birthday cards and DIY gifts for the months to come.

14. Go for a ride on the bus or train.

15. Start making Christmas gifts such as calendars.

16. Go to your local farm shop or farmers' market and buy some delicious produce.

17. Set out some seed balls, apples and other bird feeders and see who comes to your garden.  Borrow a bird identification book from the library if you don't have one.

18. Stock up on crafts or other bits and bobs at your local pound shop.  Just £5 each will buy them a bag full of goodies.

19. Make sunflower seed or pasta necklaces and bracelets, then paint them.

20. Make ice lollies from fresh fruit and juice or water.

21. Find a cause you are passionate about and join an appropriate organisation, sign petitions, write campaign letters etc.

22. Buy a blank book and make a scrapbook of your summer.

23. Make a papier maché piñata, fill it with sweets or small toys and then smash it open.

24. Use paint tester pots to create funky designs on your fence, bedroom wall or bookcase.

25. Scour charity shops for fun items for a dressing up box.

26. Buy a new fruit or vegetable and learn how to cook it or use it in different dishes.

27. Buy some unusual foods and have a blind taste test.  Can anyone work out what they all are?

28. Find or buy a large piece of material or sheet and spray it with paint Jackson Pollock-style (best done outside!)

29. Use simple materials to create science experiments in your kitchen or garden, e.g. baking soda and vinegar volcanoes.

30. Make a bug hotel in your garden.

31. Visit smaller local gardens for a fun day out and lots of inspiration.

32. Give each child their own garden plot to tend, plan and grow in.

33. Save up your Tesco vouchers or Nectar points and use them for a cheap day out.

34. Look up all your local cinemas and check their websites for cheap summer holiday deals.

35. Give each child a small budget in the supermarket and let them buy whatever they want.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

36. Throw a 'bring your own' or pot luck party.  Everyone brings a dish and drink for all to share.

37. Visit your local city or open farm.  Not the ones with masses of extras and play areas, but farms with real animals.  Many are free, most are cheap.

38. Be a local tourist and visit all the local attractions you've never got around to seeing.

39. Go bowling as early in the day as possible, it will usually be cheaper.  Then set up your own bowling alley at home in the afternoon.

40. Spend a whole day at the beach and say yes to all ice cream and sand castle flag requests.

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