Protect Your Loved Ones From Mobile Phone Radiation with R2L

For years we were told that mobile phones are perfectly safe, but now there is clear evidence that they damage men's fertility, and their effects on children's health is raising more and more concern.  Even the mobile companies are recommending keeping your phone away from any part of your body and minimise use, but who does?  There aren't many people who don't pop their phone in their pocket, and what about all those kids using smartphones?

Many parents are concerned about their children's mobile phone use, and the possible associated risks to their health.  Both the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have acknowledged there are possible carcinogenic effects to mobile phone use, with children at even greater risk than adults as their bodies are prone to absorb more radiation.

In the past four years, Smartphone ownership has jumped from four in ten 12 year olds to almost seven in ten, a cause of major concern amongst health professionals.  The Department of Health recommends that children under 16 should only use mobile phones for short, essential calls only, and several major studies are underway to determine the potential health effects in children and adolescents.

In the meantime, it is apparent that safety advice on mobile phone usage (keeping it away from your body and minimising use) is rarely followed, especially by the young.  The radio frequency electromagnetic energy which mobile phones produce is absorbed by children’s developing brains and bodies at up to three times the rate of an adult.  The worldwide health community is rapidly reaching a consensus that the hidden risks of mobile use might not be revealed until it is too late. So why take the chance?

A new device on the market can reduce the amount of harmful radiation absorbed by the brain and body by up to 70%.  The R2L is a simple device that can be fitted to the back of a mobile phone and works to absorb the excess radiation emitted by a mobile phone or wireless device through its antenna.  It then converts the radiation into direct current electricity, illuminating its LED light whilst dispersing the power safely as harmless light.  Watch this demonstration of how it works.

And don't worry, you can place the R2L device inside the case so it doesn't spoil the look of your beautiful phone.  It works just as well covering the aerial on the inside too!

Developed in the US by laser technology company Erchonia following Chief Engineer and President Kevin Tucek's pioneering work in the area of medical and cosmetic laser technology, the R2L has been extensively and independently tested.  Rigorous testing measured the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of radiation to quantify how much penetrated the human head and body without the use of R2L, and then with.

One of the testers, RF Exposure Lab founder and lead technical engineer, Jay Moulton said:

"The R2L has an LED light that tells you when it is functional, this is unique in all of the devices we have tested in the past 10 years. The R2L was the very first device we tested that actually reduced SAR. The SAR test shows that the amount of radiation emitted by a mobile device – in this example an Iphone 5, without the R2L is of potentially dangerous levels. Once the R2L is fitted, the emissions drop to much safer levels."

You can find out more about the testing and certification of R2L at

The R2L is incredibly easy to fit, and will help protect your child and anyone else against the long-term effects of radiation.  R2L works with any Wifi device that uses 3G or 4G to connect to the Internet, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about R2L:

How does R2L work?

R2L is a passive, low-level microprocessor device that converts mobile phone and wireless device radiation into harmless light.  The R2L absorbs the excess radiation through its antenna and converts it into direct current electricity, illuminating its LED light whilst dispersing the power safely.

You can see Erchonia President and chief engineer Kevin Tucek talking about the development of R2L here:

Does the R2L affect call quality?

The R2L does not affect call quality.

Is the R2L compatible with any phone or other device?

The R2L works on any wireless device that uses 3G and 4G service to connect to the internet.  It will work on your smart phone, tablet, eBook reader and laptop.  Laptop computers, tablets or eBook readers only use the mobile network to communicate when Wi-Fi is not available, for example when on the move.

How can I buy R2L?

Visit for further information and to place an order.

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