Mongoose Stance Elite Stunt Scooter Review

With less than two months to go until Christmas, the inexorable march of the Christmas lists has begun!  With catalogues flying through the letterbox and enticing TV adverts, our three girls are planning their most-wanted items and eagerly anticipating writing their letters to Father Christmas.  And the first question every day is, how many days is it until Christmas?  Luckily, Christmas has come early for Lara with the arrival of a fancy new scooter.

Getting out and about during the colder months is important for all of us, preventing lethargy and weight gain, and helping to boost our immune systems.  But getting kids outside when its cold and they have a pile of shiny new presents to play with can be challenging to say the least.  So a gift that encourages them to get off the sofa and out adventuring and exploring is ideal.

Many of us will remember the thrill of receiving a new bike for Christmas, and that feeling is going to be the same for the next generation, whether they receive a bike or a scooter.  Now a staple of childhood, the progression from first scooter to 3 wheels, to stunt scooter with 2 wheels echoes the progression from tricycle to stabilisers to freedom on two wheels of bikes.

Stunt scooters like the Mongoose Stance Elite Stunt Scooter Lara has been sent are the next step on for kids used to 3 wheel scooters, perfect for both whizzing around and for performing stunts.  With wide, 360 degree handlebars, an extra wide non-slip deck, and 110m wheels for more speed, this scooter is perfect from age 8 for learning all those stunts and tricks.

Lara was initially a little wary of moving on to a two wheel stunt scooter, but soon got used to it and started having a go at scooting, and even a few tricks.  At our local skate park there were some older boys who were keen to show her how to do tricks, although I was roundly told to put the camera away!

The stylised design is very 'cool', and Lara loves the super wide handlebars of her new scooter, and how light it is.  The only thing she can't get used to is that it doesn't stand up when she gets off it, so the ends of one handlebar are a little battered already!

We love the flexibility of using scooters as they can sit in the car ready for use whenever we're out and about, or simply to grab on our way down to the sea front.  We've got so much going on over the next few months, this scooter will be going everywhere from Exmouth to Ramsgate.  Perfect for keeping the girls active and entertained!

If you want to encourage your child to get out and about this winter but need some advice on what to buy them, visit the Halfords Kid Zone Hub for lots of advice and ideas.

The Mongoose Stance Elite Stunt Scooter is available from Halfords priced £85.

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