Vegan Christmas Cake: Three Fantastic Recipes

With Stir Up Sunday this weekend, many of you will be looking for a brilliant new Christmas cake recipe, and being vegan is no barrier to making a delicious cake.  So, if you are vegan or have vegan guests coming to your this year, try one of these fab vegan Christmas cakes recipes.  But don't worry if you don't have time tomorrow, these cakes can be made fairly close to the big day if necessary.

The Vegan Society's Christmas cake is a good place to start.  With lots of dates and fruit, plus a good dose of orange juice and rum, this simple cake would suit a traditional fruit and nut topping, like a Dundee cake.  Although their suggestion to add a layer of marzipan in the cake mix, like a Simnel cake, sounds rather good too...

For a simple alcohol-free spiced fruit and nut cake you can make at the last minute, try this delicious recipe from Vegan Richa.  I don't know about you, but I can smell those spices wafting off the page.  Yum!

And finally, if you need a substantial cake for a large gathering, or want plenty to keep you going into new year, this wonderfully moist and fruity ultimate vegan Christmas cake from The Veg Space is a must.  I love the pretty blue and white design she has used for decorating the cake, although it looks pretty delicious un-iced too! No-one would ever know this was vegan and dairy-free.

Whoever you are catering for this Christmas, one of these vegan Christmas cake recipes is a guaranteed hit.  Happy baking!

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