Review: Pippin the Small Animated Pony

It can sometimes be difficult to find non-character toys for pre-schoolers, but Chad Valley's commitment to the world of imagination means they have a great range of non-branded toys even for younger children.  Tatiana particularly adores the Fluffy Friends Small Animated Pony Soft Toy which arrived just before Christmas.

This cute, fluffy friend has soft fur making him perfect for cuddling. But just press the button and he walks, nods his head and wags his tail. With realistic sounds and movements, he is the perfect steed for a host of dollies and teddies to ride on. Pippin really captures Tatia's imagination and she has concocted an elaborate back story and personality for him. Very, very cute.

Tatiana adores animals and goes round kissing goats, donkeys, dogs, cats and anything else she can find. She was even blowing kisses to hissing cockroaches and tarantulas the other day! Having started off with a toy farm last Christmas, her growing animal collection hints to a future animal career. In the meantime, this little chap is busily offering pony rides around the sitting room, neighing as he goes.

This fluffy little friend is a huge hit with Tatia, and would appeal to any little person aged 3+. The Chad Valley Fluffy Friends Small Animated Pony Soft Toy is a compact little fellow at 28cm tall and 28cm long, batteries are required (3 x AA) and he retails at £14.99 from Argos.

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