How to Kickstart a Good Day (or Our Not Good Week!)

We are having one of those weeks. You know, those ones where it seems that everything that can go wrong will go wrong? Yep, that. We were off last week, having a lovely 'holiday at home' with lots of days out and fun, but I was all organised, had content and social media scheduled, home organised, life planned etc. This week, well, quite the opposite!

No content scheduled, clients waiting, postal and e-mail inboxes bursting at the seams, an insane to do list, a laundry mountain, vacuum cleaner gathering dust, etc etc. All the systems we have in place seem to have crumbled completely, and getting meals on the table is about the only thing we can manage. Ghastly.

The heat doesn't help, of course, but we've also got illness to contend with, elderly people needing extra help and hospital trips, the laptop is close to expiring, two cats are ill, any formal home ed seems a distant memory, and the autie meltdowns are coming thick and fast. Chief juggler (me) is dropping balls right, left and centre!

Totally overwhelmed.

When things go this badly pear-shaped, the first thing I do is re-think our routines. Right now, I am feeling so stretched and overwhelmed that I need to find some time to put myself first, so I am consciously creating a me-centred morning routine.

It's something I used to do regularly, but has gone by the wayside for months now. But I know that just half an hour first thing in the morning is enough to set me up for the day and keep on top of everything else. It's enough to centre me and mean that I can give to everyone else whenever they need it, keep the home running, and the business ticking over. Here's my morning routine:

1. Wake up and take a moment

I always write my to do list for the day the night before so everything is on paper or on the laptop and out of my mind. That way I can wake up in the morning and take a few minutes to be mindful. Time to look out of the window, walk outside, talk to a cat, breathe and stretch, all without a host of thoughts crowding in.  A pint of water is also vital for rehydrating and cleansing after sleep.

2. Be thankful

A few minutes thinking about the things I am grateful for, either writing them down, praying or just thinking with the sun on my face. This would be a good time to meditate too, a practice I need to get back into over the coming months to strengthen my body and mind for winter. I know a lot of people like to journal at this time too.

3. Read - and tea

A cup of tea and a book. Need I say more?! These days a chapter in the morning is often all the reading I manage in a day, so this time is vital. Whether it's a novel, a biography, or some professional development, that chapter sets me up for the day and gives me something to reflect on during odd free moments.

4. Set an intention for the day

This is new to me, but I am hoping it will pay dividends. Rather than solely focusing on all the to dos on my lists, having a kind of mantra for the day will guide my thoughts and actions. I'm planning a weekly focus, for example, to speak kindly without criticism or to relax and enjoy the simple things or to find ways to bring more joy to our day.

5. Breakfast

For too long now breakfast has been a case of whatever we can grab, but we need to start setting the table the night before again, and all sitting down to a proper breakfast. I've written before about how important it is to use your best crockery every day, and totally need to set a nice table for breakfast every day, the perfect time for us all to connect before our day begins. Healthy, balanced food (high protein, low carb, lots of vitamins) and my favourite people is the perfect combination.

After that it's time to prepare and get on with our day. Whatever balance of fun, learning and work that may be.

With just half an hour to prepare and balance myself each morning, I'll be ready for whatever the day has to throw at us.  And hopefully back to my usual organised self!

How do you get ready for the day?

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