The Best Toys for Girls 7 to 10 Years Old

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a 7 to 10 year old girl?  These days, there are literally hundreds of different gifts to choose from.  No matter what she’s into and how much you have to spend, there is a huge range of gifts to match it.

Investing in toys that get your daughter away from a screen is also going to benefit their health.  Kids today spend a lot of time either in front of a television or a tablet.  And while technology can obviously be important for their development, it can also be detrimental if it’s used too frequently.  So, buying toys which encourage imaginative play, and which encourage creativity, are a fab idea.

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To help narrow down your search, here are 5 of the best toys for girls aged 7 to 10 years old.

L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise with 60+ Surprises

If there’s one toy most 7 to 10 year old girls are obsessed with these days, it’s L.O.L dolls.  These cute little dolls are highly collectable and provide hours of fun.  However, buying the dolls individually can prove to be really expensive.  That’s where gift sets such as this L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise kit, come in useful.

It comes with two limited edition Surprise L.O.L dolls, each featuring seven great surprises. There’s also a Surprise limited edition L.O.L pet included which also comes with seven different surprises. That’s not all either. In fact, the entire set comes with over 60 surprises that she’s sure to love.  It’s everything a little girl loves so your money will be well spent with this gift.

Lil’ Gleemerz Doll

The adorable Lil’ Gleemerz doll has been named one of the top 100 toys & games on Amazon for 2018 and it isn’t hard to see why. Featuring large puppy-dog style eyes and a cute bushy tail, this interactive toy is sure to become your child’s best friend.

It has more than 100 different reactions for her to discover. Just some of them include purring, growling and saying funny phrases. They can even play games with their child companion and put on dazzling light-up shows.  Controlling it is easy too. Simply press the nose to choose between three different modes including hangout, game or light party.

Fingerlings HUGS – Bella

Cuddly toys are always a winner with young girls and there’s lots of different ones to choose from. However, if you’re looking for the best cuddly toy on the market, this Fingerlings HUGS Bella toy is highly recommended.

This isn’t just your average cuddly toy, it’s interactive. Each of the HUGS characters are designed with maximum fun and entertainment in mind. Their super-sized reactions make every minute fun, from burping and tooting to laughing hysterically, your child is sure to love this adorable companion.

The arms of HUGS are extra-long, allowing for great cuddles. You can also have hours of fun using the mimic feature. Simply press Bella’s left ear as you talk, then when you let go, she will repeat what you’ve just said in a variety of funny ways. This toy is sure to become a firm favorite with the little lady in your life.

Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

Searching for the perfect gift for a girl aged 8 or over? This Cool Make KumiKreator bracelet maker is a fab choice.  It’s one of the easiest bracelet making kits to use, creating stylish friendship bracelets in a matter of minutes.

Each kit can create up to 10 bracelets and it comes with a stylish carry case to store everything in. With an incredible 88 spools of thread included, the design options are practically endless. Your child and their friend will be able to create distinctive, personalized bracelets not found anywhere else.

So, if she loves being creative, this simple yet beautiful kit is sure to keep her happy for hours. Once the threads run out, you can buy replacement packs for continued use.

PIKMI POPS Giant Flips

If she loves all things cute and cuddly, she’s going to love the PIKMI POPS Giant Flips collection.  These large plush toys are perfect for cuddling.  There are three different varieties available: Bunny, Cat or Dog.

This one features Cinnabun the Bunny.  Your child will also find eight different surprise items inside. One or two of these will be exclusive, scented medium PIKMI POPS. Unlike the larger toy, these can be carried around everywhere.

Ideal for girls aged 5 and over, these adorable toys are super-soft and extra cuddly. The larger bunny doesn’t have a scent, but the smaller ones smell just like candy floss. There are three main designs to choose from, but Cinnamon does tend to be the most popular.

So, there you have it – 5 of the best toys for girls aged 7 to 10. Whether she loves to get creative or she enjoys cute, cuddly toys, there is something on the list to suit every little girl.

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