9 Simple Steps to Create a Morning Routine Perfect for You

Nothing puts you in a better mood and makes accomplishing your goals more likely than having a great morning.  There really is nothing better than starting your day off right.  Read on for how to create the perfect morning routine that works for you.

Having a morning routine that really works means you will start your day well and help you to keep motivated and focused on your day and everything you want to achieve.  Whether you work from home work outside the home, or are a stay at home mum, creating a morning routine that works for you will make your days easier, more productive, calmer and happier.

Sleep Well

Waking up ready to face the day starts the night before, by making sure that you have a good night's sleep and your optimum amount of rest.  That way you will wake up refreshed and not ready to press the snooze button again and again and again...

Start with the easy things that waste your time and wreck your sleep.  Forget late night Netflix scrolling, turn all tech off at least an hour before bed, avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine in the evenings, and go to bed at a decent hour, ideally around 10 or 11pm.

Once you have conquered any sleep issues, especially disconnecting from technology early in the evening and going to bed at a decent hour, you can start to work on your perfect morning routine.

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Don't Leap Out of Bed

When you wake, take a few minutes to feel positive.  Repeat a simple phrase like "Today is going to be a great day" and think of all the simple things you have to look forward to.  Don't set yourself up for a bad day by engaging in negative thoughts.

Take a moment to list three things you are grateful for, and smile.  Some people like to keep a gratitude journal beside the bed to list things in, or take a few minutes to journal in the morning.


Before you eat or drink anything else, drink a glass of water.  You might squeeze lemon into it to wake up your senses, or add berries overnight to infuse your water with flavour.  In winter, it may be preferable to make a drink with hot water and lemon instead.

Take a Moment

Spend some time doing something you enjoy and that nourishes your soul.  Take your tea or coffee out into the garden and sit in the morning sunshine, or walk around and deadhead some flowers.  Set your intention for the day, whether that is to conquer your to do list, show up more for your kids, or start a healthier lifestyle.

Read a book or write in your journal as you drink your coffee and relish the peace and quiet.  (Ideally get up half an hour or so before your kids so you have some 'me time'.)

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Sort Out Family Stuff

Establish places for lunch boxes, book bags and all the other essential bits and pieces and set routines for how everyone manages those items and spaces.  By taking a few hours to create systems that everyone follows, you will save a ton of time every day.

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Plan Clothes Out

Take a look at the weather forecast and plan everyone's clothes the night before to save last minute morning panics.  Lay them out ready to put on in the morning, and make sure anything that needs to be ironed is all done.

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Make Lunch the Night Before

Make lunches the night before (while you cook dinner works well) and have them ready in the fridge to quickly assemble into lunchboxes.  Forget tired, soggy old sandwiches and make up salads and other more exciting things that you can supplement with a bit of cheese, cold sausages, pitta bread etc.  Add some fresh tomatoes and crudites, a piece of fruit and they're good to go.

Here are some ideas:

Have a Good Breakfast

You don't need to be a 1950s Pollyanna mama to lay the breakfast table the night before.  It's not twee or pretentious, it's sensible.  Save yourself minutes of wondering what you need and having to run back and forth to the cupboards by setting everything out after dinner the night before.

When the plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, butter and jams are on the table ready, you just need to concentrate on making some good food.  You could even get that sorted in advance with something like overnight oats.

Start the day well with a protein-rich breakfast and a few portions of your 5 a day fruit and veg, and your food choices will be better all day long.  No more mid-morning cravings or getting to lunch starving and grabbing the nearest (usually unhealthy) option.

Check Your To Do List

Get into the habit of writing your to do list for the next day as soon as you finish work.  Only list a maximum of around 7 things and write them in order of priority.  Brain dump anything else on to a longer master list so your head is clear when you switch off for the day.

The next morning, look at your list and commit to the first task.  Once you begin work you will work solely on that task until it is finished, then task two etc.  Schedule time for social media and email only twice a day: mid-morning and mid-afternoon often works best.  Resist the temptation to check them constantly.

By starting your morning calmly with intention, health and energy, you will set yourself up to have a better, more focused day.  You will probably find yourself drinking more water, having the energy to move more (try to fit in a lunchtime walk), and eating better without really even thinking about it.

Follow these nine steps to set yourself up for a calm, relaxed and intentional morning routine that will make your life easier and your days better.

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