How to Introduce a Better Bedtime Routine for the Entire Family

Bedtime routines differ from family to family, but they all play an integral role in how well we drift off the land of nod, and how easy it is to put the kids to bed.

However, if your family is having trouble settling down and going to sleep, there are some easy steps you can take to create a better night-time routine.

Here’s how:

Turn Devices Off Way Before Bedtime

Many of us are guilty of scrolling through our phones, playing a game on our tablet or watching TV before we hit the hay, but using devices before bedtime can really impact your ability to fall asleep.

Not only do these devices potentially strain your eyes but they can also induce wakefulness, making it even more difficult for you to fall asleep.

So, put some rules in place that all devices must be unplugged around an hour before sleep time.

Yep, even you mum and dad with your king size TV bed!

What do you do for this hour before bed? Find out below.

Enjoy Cuddle Time

Who doesn’t love a cuddle or two? This is the perfect way to bond with your little one, especially when you’ll often not have much time for cuddles throughout the day due to how busy you both are.

Enjoy a cuddle in bed before you go to sleep, and use this time as an opportunity to talk about the day. Not only will this help relax you but it also gives your child the chance to talk about anything that might be playing on their mind and thus hinder their sleep.

Read a Book

While family life can be incredibly hectic, it is important to take that time to read, relax and unwind together, and reading a book is the ideal way to do this.

Allow yourself a good half an hour to get stuck into a story, whether it’s one you’ve read one hundred times before or it’s a new one that you’re both enjoying together.

Practice the Art of Getting Ready for Bed

This sounds really basic but even the day-to-day steps we take in getting ready for bed can induce sleepiness because our bodies become used to them. This includes having a bath, cleaning your teeth, putting your pyjamas on and so on – anything you feel relaxes you and gets you ready for bed.

You might also want to ensure your child’s bedroom feels like a place to go to sleep. This means having a good tidy up before bedtime and perhaps installing blackout blinds so you can create a darker space even when it’s still light outside.

Do Some Stretches

If you or your little one really struggles to unwind at night time, why not introduce some toddler yoga or stretching to your nightly routine?

You may find this hilarious at first as you learn the stretches and movements involved but over time you’ll soon learn to let this soothe and relax you into a state of calm. Stretching really helps prepare you for bed and release any tension.

Armed with all of these handy tips, you and the kids should be snoring away in no time at all!

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