How to Make Your Monthly Calendar Super Organised

We all know (all too well!) how busy family life can get. And no matter how organised you try to be, it can often feel as though your family is so uncoordinated and out of sync with one another.

While you’ll probably still manage to complete everything on time (most of the time, anyway), there’ll still be those days when you realise you’ve left it to the last minute to finish something or have forgotten to do something completely.

So that got me thinking – how can we organise our monthly calendars without creating more work for ourselves in the process?

Here are the tips that I have found work well:

Assign Tasks to Each Family Member

While your tiny tots won’t be able to do much around the home, as your kids start to get older, try to give them certain tasks to do throughout the week.

Have a calendar on the wall which features a section for every family member (monthly or weekly calendars work well here). Then, assign tasks and to-dos so each person can tick them off as and when they’ve finished them (mum and dad – this includes you!).

This won’t just make sure you’re getting things done but it’s also a wonderful way to develop those key organisation skills within your children. And letting them be in charge of their own tasks will give them a great sense of achievement, too.

Organise Important To-Dos in Advance

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to ‘put things off’ until a later date, especially when you’re so busy with the day-to-day running of your household. However, if you can set aside an afternoon to start organising important tasks in advance, it’ll save you a lot of time and stress further down the line.

From booking your kids’ dental appointments months in advance to setting a reminder to MOT and tax your car a month before it’s due, all of this can help you get organised with ease.

Start Today!

If you really are keen to up your family’s organisation, why not start by looking at all the important and daily things your family needs to do. Then, start to get an idea of how you can organise and prioritise these to-dos. While this may seem a little overwhelming to begin with, you’ll soon reap all the benefits and will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders – trust me.

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