The Essential Safety Tips You Need this Summer

Summer is a time to relax and have fun, but often we are in unfamiliar surroundings or near water, so some safety rules are essential.  The last thing you want is something bad to happen to a family member or friend.  Don’t let anything ruin your summer fun by following these few simple summer safety tips.

Stay Safe in the Sun

The sun can be intense in the summer, particularly in the middle of the day.  Add to that the fact that we usually wear less clothes, leaving lots of skin exposed, and it’s no wonder that sun damage and sunburns happen all summer long.  This is particularly important when you’re hanging out in or near water.

Aside from being uncomfortable, sunburn can increase your risk of skin cancer.  Wearing protective UV clothing at the beach or pool, staying in the shade, and applying sunscreen regularly can all help you to avoid getting burnt.  Having a UV tent at the beach or lakeside can be useful for cooling off and relaxing in.

Be sure to avoid the hottest times between 11am and 3pm if you can.  There's a good reason the siesta was invented!

Stay Safe in the Heat

Along with sun damage, the heat can be dangerous in itself.  Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration all pose serious risks during the hot summer months.  The effects are amplified when you’re very active outdoors so limit runs, high intensity walking, bike rides, gardening and the likes to the cooler morning and evening hours on very hot days.

Always take breaks indoors to cool off, and keep windows open and curtains closed to keep your home cool.  Always make sure you stay well-hydrated when you’re out and about.  Drink plenty of water before you leave home, and take a refillable bottle or two with you.

Dehydration has serious risks including headaches, blurred vision, confusion, and eventually blacking out.  If you start to feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.  Drink water and seek shade or shelter.

Stay Safe in the Water

Each summer, without fail we hear stories of drowning accidents at the beach, the lake, or in swimming pools.  Sadly many of those fatal or near fatal accidents could have been prevented with the right safety precautions.

Start with the water safety tips below, and most importantly always pay attention around water, particularly with kids around.  And put your phone down!!  This shocking article makes sobering reading about how easily drowning could be prevented.

1. Never leave children unsupervised

Don’t ever take your eyes off the kids in or near the water.  This is particularly important when there are lots of other adults around.  Don’t assume someone else is watching them.  Most home pool accidents happen when children are unsupervised and remember drowning can happening very quickly and in a very small amount of water (less than 2 inches/6cm).

2. Never swim alone

Never head out into the water alone, particularly when it’s a lake, or the sea.  Swim with a companion, or at the very least have someone on land that’s watching you and can get help if you get into trouble.

3. Wear life jackets

Yes, they are uncomfortable, but there’s a reason you’re supposed to wear a life jacket when you’re on a boat.  You wear your seat belt in the car; wear a life jacket when you’re on a boat.

4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol and water don’t mix.  Go for a swim, enjoy your boat ride and save the booze for when you’re back on dry land.  Don't drink and drive, don't drink and boat, and don't drink and swim to stay safe.  Nor should you drink alcohol when you are supervising children in the water.  Your reactions and observation need to be razor sharp, so leave drinking till later, if at all.

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