The Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

There is no doubt that cats are some of the most magnificent creatures on the face of the earth.  Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics (and especially the internet) are responsible for creating such a massive fanbase for everything related to cats.  Then again, cats truly are some of the most charismatic animals to take over our households and our hearts.  Here are the perfect gifts for your feline friends.

The Best Gifts for Cats

Everyone knows that cats have to scratch. It’s the way that they take care of their nails. Since you don’t want them scratching up the furniture, make sure you pick up a nice scratching post for your cat.

Your feline family member deserves a comfortable place to rest and you can get some great cat beds. Some cats like enclosed sleeping places and you can find beds that resemble mini caves and are lined with fleece.

Cat beds are also great for cat napping and the thermal ones will help keep him warm. You can get thermal ones that don’t rely on anything electrical but trap the cat’s body heat and use that to keep him warm, like this self warming cat bed.

Cat furniture like multi tiered cat towers and cat trees make good napping areas and also give your cat something to climb and play on. They love to be up high and look down on the activities below them, perhaps pretending to be a panther stalking prey in the middle of the night!

Litter boxes are a necessity with indoor cats and there are self-cleaning litter boxes that control odour in order to keep your home smelling fresh.  There are also litter box screens that you can put in front of the litter box that not only hide the box from view, but give your feline friend some privacy.

There are gift baskets exclusively for cats that feature snacks and toys and even some catnip that you can spray, sprinkle or blow as bubbles into the air to entertain your pet. Your cat will be delighted with all of the goodies.  Hard to kep the cats out when you want to take photos though...  (WHY can't we have it now?!)

We love the monthly gift boxes from Gus & Bella.  The cute special edition Christmas box (see below) contains lots of delicious and fun goodies for kitties and some treats for their owner too.  Our cats have had great fun with the toys and will be looking forward to their Christmas dinner!  Use the code AMUMMY10 to get 10% off your first box.

Cats love to play and cat toys like squeaky mice and ball play tracks will give them hours of fun. Your pet will love interactive toys that he can chase around the house and capture. Some of them are battery operated so they move without you having to operate the toy, but your cat will love to play with a fun cat tail with you.

Cats also love the play tunnels where they can hide or nap or run through.  Motion toys like this one are really popular with our gang too!

Christmas is also the perfect time to pick up new feeding or water dishes.  You can also find some great cat water fountains that spew the water gently out into the dish, in case your pet likes to play in the water.

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