The Best Easy Gifts for Your Vegan Friends and Family

Veganism has become more and more common these days as people become more conscious of the impact their lifestyle has on the planet and other living things.  If you have a friend or loved ones that are vegan and you have no idea where to begin when it comes to buying them a gift, you are not alone.  Here are some easy, fun presents for your vegan friends and family.

Animal products are hidden in countless everyday products, like clothing, accessories and beauty products, so it is not just edible gifts you need to worry about. Plus, don’t forget that any company that tests on animals is not a vegan company either!

If your head is spinning and you’re wondering how you are ever going to find the perfect gift, fear not, we’ve made it easy for you with this great gift guide, full of vegan-friendly gifts.

Simply the best vegan chocolates around, this delicious selection of 16 award-winning chocolate truffles includes treats such as stem ginger, rhubarb & vanilla and raspberry chocolate truffles.  The perfect gift for any chocolate-loving vegan!

Vegan Snack Box

This vegan snack box is the perfect gift for any new or seasoned vegan looking to discover some new delicious sweet and savoury snacks. Each box is filled with 20 snacks so there is sure to be something your vegan friend will love.

Non Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great way to be more sustainable in the kitchen and ditch the cling wrap BUT they are not vegan because they rely on beeswax which is an animal product. These non beeswax wraps are a great alternative and they are 100% vegan.  Buy in the UK here.

Comedy Coffee Mug

This comedy coffee mug would make a great lighthearted stocking stuffer for any vegan in your life. A lot of people do not really understand veganism and this mug will speak volumes to any of your vegan loved ones.

Vegan Cookbook

Veganism is often thought of as an expensive or time-consuming lifestyle. In her fuss-free cookbook, Sam Turnbull is totally changing those assumptions and showing people that vegan recipes can be relatively cheap and easy to make. This would make a brilliant gift for any new vegan looking for some easy recipes, or a long-time vegan who is looking for fresh recipe inspiration.

Vegan Tinted Lip Balm

You may not have realised that many beauty products are not actually vegan-friendly. It could be due to ingredients or animal testing but this lip balm from Honest Beauty is not tested on animals and doesn’t contain animal products like beeswax or lanolin.  Buy similar in the UK here.

Cute Baby Onesies

If you have a vegan friend with a little on the way or already here, these cute vegetable themed onesies would make an adorable gift in preparation for their new arrival.

TOMS Vegan Shoes

Shoes can be another surprising product that contains animal products but many shoes are made from leather which is obviously not vegan. TOMS are a well-known shoe brand around the world for their comfortable footwear and this particular pair of shoes are made from a vegan-friendly combination of fabric, textiles and rubber.

Dr Bronners Gift Set

Dr Bronners make awesome beauty products that are sustainable, organic made from 100% vegan products and are never tested on animals. The product they are most famous for is their liquid castille soap and for good reason. This is so much more than just soap and has countless uses around the home and as a beauty product. This sampler pack would make a great gift for anyone who wants to try a few different fragrances.

Cute Vegan T-Shirt

If you have a loved one who is super proud to be vegan and likes to spread the word on kindness to animals and the vegan lifestyle, this cute t-shirt would be an awesome gift and talking point.

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