11 Fun & Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is a great time for kids to get busy and incorporate crafts into their day. Kids will love using their hands to create something special that they can call their own.  Luckily, there are a ton of tutorials on Christmas crafts for kids that you can get some inspiration from.

Most of these Christmas crafts for kids are pretty easy to make, some may need some adult supervision but for the most part these crafts are things children can do themselves. If you’re looking for fun things for kids to make this festive season, these are some great kid friendly Christmas crafts to help keep them busy at weekends or during the holidays.

Cinnamon Stick Ribbon Trees

Kids will love using fragrant cinnamon sticks to create these ribbon trees. You can even attach another string to the top of the craft to make it a keepsake ornament that can be hung on the tree.

Dollar Store Felt Tree Craft

With just a few supplies from your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store, children can create their own custom felt trees. These trees can also be turned into a Christmas ornaments easily.

Santa Binoculars

Kids will love trying to spy on Santa with these fun binoculars. The craft looks a little complicated, but it’s actually super simple and kids will love playing with the binoculars once they’re finished.

Christmas Rock Painting Crafts

Rocks can be a great way for kids to get excited about crafting. These holiday themed ideas will give kids some inspiration so that they can create their own festive painted rocks.

Snowman Mugs and Plates

These DIY snowman mugs and plates are easy for kids to help create and they can be enjoyed by everyone throughout the holiday season.

Felt Santa Toilet Paper Roll

Santa has never looked so good than he does with this toilet paper roll Santa! There is hot glue used for this craft, so it’s a good idea to have an adult help with this one.

DIY Glitter Sensory Jar

Sensory bottles are extremely popular these days because they encourage sensory play. They’re also known as “calm down” jars for children with special needs. This is a fun holiday version that kids can create on with their favorite colors and small items.

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Hand Imprint Plaque

Salt dough crafts are always fun to make, and this keepsake is no exception. Kids can use their hands to create a Christmas tree and then they can paint the tree however they’d like. Christmas colors are always fun and festive, but they can use any of their favorite colours.

Christmas Tree Picture Frames

A fun way for kids to make their own picture frames, this craft uses card stock and a toilet paper roll. Kids can get creative with the look of their tree and include their favorite image of themselves. The tree can be turned into a holiday ornament or even given as a gift to friends and family.

3D Christmas Card Craft

Kids will love putting together this holiday craft, which can easily be turned into an ornament to hang on the tree. To make the ornaments unique, you can use holiday cards to create the ornament.

Painted Candy Dish Craft

Another fun painting craft that kids can get their hands dirty with. You can use any kind of candy dish and let the kids paint their own holiday designs.

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