The Best STEM Learning Toys for Kids

Educational toys for kids are suitable for all age groups and both genders.  There’s no end to the amount of knowledge that can be tied up in a fun learning concept, and children can learn maths, science, English and much more as they play!

An educational gift can help spark a desire to become a scientist or a doctor at an early age, as well as help their developmental process mentally. For the kid who loves space, a telescope would be a great option.

Here are our favourite toys that incorporate learning in play:

Innovative new company OjO offers a wide range of family games and problem solving kits that help kids develop the skills they will need as future innovators.  The sets are designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills.

With the OjO Movie Director Maths Board Game children can make and direct their own mini-movies while solving crucial maths word problems at the same time.  The board game is a fun new way to build maths skills, problem solving and imagination.  Our girls loved making their own movies!

The OjO Mars Mission Kit takes children on an imaginative journey across the Red Planet with three exciting missions to complete.  They can create their own Mars landscape and Exploration Rover, then take it apart and build a rocket to fly back to Earth!  This is a great game for when kids are learning about space travel and exploration, our next home ed topic.

A great stocking filler for younger children, the cute packs from My Busy Bots are great for early years development.  They enable children to play and learn independently, with siblings or with a parent, and help them to develop key skills and learn essential maths and literacy concepts.  The busy bags are suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years+.

The Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! is a fun toy that helps kids to learn about science and how objects work together mechanically.  The set is made of bright colors and the pieces are easy to grasp and fit together. Every time your child plays with the set, he’ll be able to make something new. The set has connectors, cranks, gears and base plates that lock together.

The gears in the set can be used to create a variety of moving projects and the set is compatible with other sets in the same line. Studies have shown that kids who have access to learning toys at home often do better in school than kids who don’t.

You can give your child the gift of fun and learning with the Learning Resources Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set. Using basic ingredients, your child can learn various science projects that will entertain her.

The kit includes a magnifying glass, a set of tweezers, test tubes with stands, an eyedropper, a funnel and beaker and a set of goggles. There is also an activity guide.

The Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set can give your child hours of fun as he learns about school related subjects through play. This set helps kids conquer social skills, gets them ready for real school, and teaches them important language skills.

Kids can pretend to be the student or the teacher. The set comes with an abundance of 149 items including report cards, stickers and a hall pass. There’s also a grade book, map, a dry erase board, a clock, a bell and more. This set features a handy fold up storage ability for easy clean up.

Bring fun and experimentation together in the SmartLab Toys It's Alive Slime Lab. This handy lab lets kids discover wave theory, viscosity and more. The tools used in the lab set are patterned after real lab equipment.

There are twenty different activities that can be performed with this set that can be completed using household items such as corn syrup. With this set, you’ll get the Slime-O-Nator, the graduated cylinder and the wave dome.

Also included is a slime dome, slime poker, measuring spoon, mixing cup and dropper. An instruction book can help guide kids through the various experiments.

Kids love the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope. This microscope uses powerful magnifications to allow kids to study objects or insects. It can also be used to observe cells or organ tissue.

The microscope has dual LED illumination, which means that kids can study above matter or below it. It’s battery operated. The set includes the microscope and slides, labels, cover slips, paper, a test tube, a dropper, non-toxic stains, a testing needle and a petri dish.

Sometimes, you want to give a child a gift that will not only entertain them, but also help stimulate their desire to learn in a hands-on way. Educational gifts don’t always have to be boring, and in fact, many of them end up being great gifts for kids that they’ll end up spending hours on end playing with.  They will surely love any of these educational gifts.

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