Healthy Lifestyle Advice for Teenagers

Overall health is so much more than just not being sick.  Teenagers need to consider many different things if they truly want to be healthy.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult since there are various things that can compete to become a priority in life during the teenage years, and not all of them lend themselves to a healthy lifestyle.  However, it is not that difficult to make simple changes in your life and be healthier.  Here are some very simple tips that will help your teenager to drastically improve their life and health.

Physical Health Tips

Everything starts with taking care of your body. As a teenager, you have to focus on the following:

• Regular exercising – Try to be physically active at least one hour per day.

• Healthy diet – Aim to eat plenty of vegetables, protein foods, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and fruits.

• Weight management – You need to maintain a healthy weight.

• Sleeping – Teenagers need around 9 hours of sleep per night.

• Hydrate – You need to have access to a good source of water and drink as many fluids as the body needs. If you have problems with the water supply, contact plumbers Melbourne to get them fixed.

• Sunscreen – As a teenager, you most likely do not think about the negative effects of the sun but you should not make this mistake.

Mental Health Tips

Properly take care of your mind by:

• Managing stress – Usually, stress cannot be avoided so you have to learn how to properly manage stress.

• Studying – Good results in school can make you happier.

• Family relationships – Whenever possible, maintain good relationships with your family.

• Balance – You have to properly balance social life, work and school. Also, do not take on more than you could handle. This is done by being honest with yourself.

Emotional Health Tips

Emotional health starts by knowing signs of the existence of mental illnesses. This can include depression, excessive tiredness, anxiety, loss of appetite, low self-esteem, weight loss, weight gain, a loss of interest in things that you enjoyed in the past and personality changes that are out-of-character. Besides this:

• Be careful with feelings and moods – Never assume that negative feelings and thoughts are a part of going through teenage years.

• Ask for help – Whenever you feel you need help, ask for it.

• Accept yourself – Talk to a professional when you have low self-esteem.

Behavioural Health Tips

Your behavior will impact the health of your teenage years. This is why you should remember the following important tips:

• Avoid substance abuse or use – This does include street drugs, prescription drugs, tobacco products and alcohol.

• Wear protective equipment – This is needed whenever doing something dangerous, including riding a bike.

• Drive safely – For teenagers in the US, the main cause of death is found in motor vehicle crashes. If you feel you have problems, just join a safe driving class.

• Avoid violence – No matter the case, violence brings in more violence. You should only consider it when you protect yourself.

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