Easter Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

These cookies are so good, there won't be a crumb left! The pastel shades are so eye pleasing and will look great on a dessert table, or on a plate to pass around at your Easter celebration. They are so easy to make, and so colourful. You can make them in any colour you choose, but we made them in different pastel colours just like Easter eggs, and they turned out fabulous. You're going to love these cookies!

Easter Cookies

Makes approximately 3 - 4 dozen cookies


3 sticks of butter - softened / 340g
1 cup of sugar / 200g
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups of flour / 450g
2 packages of white chocolate almond bark (use white chocolate in the UK)
Food colouring gel; pink, purple, blue, green
Easter Nonpareils
Bunnies for the centre


1. In the mixing bowl of a stand mixer cream the butter, sugar and vanilla together.

2. Add the flour a little at a time until completely incorporated into the butter.

3. Remove the cookie dough from the mixer, wrap in waxed paper, and chill for one hour.

4. After one hour, remove the dough, and roll about a tablespoonful of dough into a ball, then place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

5. With the knuckle of your finger, make an indentation into the cookie, so that if forms a dip in the center of the cookie, with an edge around the outside.

6. Bake cookies for 18 - 20 minutes at 350 degrees (175C), or until the cookies are lightly browned around the edges.

7. Remove from the oven, and cool on a wire rack.

8. Once the cookies are cooled; melt 4 squares of the white chocolate almond bark in the microwave, and dip the bottoms of the cookies into the chocolate, and then immediately into the Nonpareils, and sit them on parchment paper to set the chocolate.

9. Once the chocolate has set (about an hour), melt the remainder of the white chocolate, in 4 separate small bowls and drop a drop of food colouring gel into each bowl of the white chocolate, colouring it in pastel pink, purple, green, and blue.

10. Place the pastel colored chocolate in the centers, or indentation of each cookie, and place one of the small bunnies on the top.

Cook's note: You can make these in any pastel colour you choose, so if you want to include yellow, orange/peach, aqua, or other colours, just buy the food coloring gel for the colours you prefer.

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