How to Make an Easy Simple Bird Feeder with Kids

These simple bird feeders are the ideal way to introduce even the youngest children to watching and feeding the birds in their garden.  Get kids interested in the natural world and they will care more about it while getting involved in caring for the wildlife in their patch.

This easy cardboard roll bird feeder does require some adult assistance, and please do not make these if you or your child are or may be allergic to nuts.

Here's how to make our easy bird feeder craft:


Cardboard tube (like a clean toilet paper roll)
Peanut butter
Bird seed
Bamboo skewer
Butter knife


1. Use the scissors to make a small hole at the top and bottom of each side of the cardboard tube.

2. Thread string through the top set of holes, then tie one end of the string to each side.

3. Push the bamboo skewer through the bottom set of holes to make a resting perch for the birds.

4. Pour bird seed into a shallow dish.

5. Using a butter knife, spread a thin layer of peanut butter over the outside of the cardboard tube.  Immediately roll the tube in bird seed or press bird seed against the sides.

6. Hang the bird feeder outside on a dry day.

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