20 of the Best Gifts for kids Who Love to Pretend Cook

Looking for the best gifts for kids who love to pretend to cook?

I’ve gathered a list of toys that kids of all ages are going to LOVE!

Perfect for adding to an existing play kitchen these fun toys are the ideal gift for any budding chef on your list.

With the opportunity to create everything from cookies to burgers and pasta, as well as all the kitchen accessories they'll need, this list of the best gifts for kids who love to pretend cook is just what you need to make your gift shopping easier!

If you have a little one who is next level obsessed with pretending to cook and definitely needs more dramatic play items, these gift ideas are perfect. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to get as there are so many options out there, so we have rounded up the best for you to pick from.

You’ll find everything from a big play kitchen, mini play sets, cooking accessories, pretend food items, and so much more. You are sure to find lots of fun gift ideas for any little cook on this list.

Sophia is absolutely crazy about play kitchens and food, so there will be a few of these under our tree or on her birthday list this year!

Scroll down to check out my list of best gifts for kids who love to pretend to cook!

Dramatic play is so good for kids as they are learning so much whihc the uninitiated may see as 'just play'. Children can learn so much from cooking, not just the role play aspect of copying mum or dad cook, but pretend cooking also encourages creativity, thinking skills, sequencing and problem-solving skills.

Kids can build on their prior knowledge while playing, and bring in skills like weighing, measuring, counting and following directions. They will also learn about cause and effect and, if they are running a cafe or restaurant, they can learn about different styles of language and working with customers.

The BEST Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Pretend to Cook

Farm to Table Play Kitchen

If you don't have the big ticket item yet, kids of all ages will love this play kitchen! It even features an area to pretend to chop veggies and you can rinse them in the sink. Perfect gift for kids who enjoy pretending to cook or for younger children to discover and explore.

This play set makes a great addition to any play kitchen! Kids will love to pretend they’re making stew for the family or a spaghetti dinner. It even includes a couple of wooden utensils for stirring and serving!

Kids can pretend they’re a real chef with this costume! It even includes a hat, oven mitt, and other fun accessories, perfect for the mini cordon bleu!

Younger kids will love this food truck! Such a great source of pretend play while they learn shapes, colours, and more. Perfect for older babies and toddlers.

If your child loves to not only cook but serve food to you or their siblings, they will LOVE this set! (And you get to pay the £83.79 they charge you for a meal!!  Bargain!)  It features a booth just like a real restaurant and the rear side includes a mini-kitchen too, so it’s like 2 sets in 1!

Level up your diner play set with these fun accessories! Includes food, dishes, a menu, play money, and more. Perfect for learning about money, setting realistic prices and role playing dinner time.

Kids can pretend to cut food up with this cute wooden play set! Features a pretend knife and various types of food including a carrot, egg, fruit and more.

These canned goods are perfect for kids with a big imagination. They will love pretending to add sauce to that spaghetti dinner or crack open some yummy pineapple rings! Perfect for stocking a toy shop too.

It’s one thing to pretend to dump some sauce in a pot, but another to actually pretend to open it first! This set includes a can opener and a couple of resealable cans for kids to truly pretend to open cans, just like mum or dad.

Add to the cooking fun with some food boxes for the fridge and store cupboard! Kids can pretend to grab ingredients to cook with or buy them from a pretend store first. The perfect opportunity to teach kids about money!

For kids who love to pretend to make an egg breakfast, they’ll love this. It features pretend eggs in a real carton! SO cute.

How fun is this set? Everything you need for breakfast including a coffee maker, toaster, kettle, and more! And they look just like the real thing, complete with dials and branding. Sophia has this set and plays with it all the time!

This set is so versatile and fun! It features a pizza oven with ingredients, money, a menu, and more. It even has a delivery box so you can pretend to DELIVER the pizza to your customers! This is so fun, and perfect if your family is keen to order the odd takeway pizza! Buy in the UK

This set is great for kids who love to help bake in the kitchen! Slice some cookie dough and get baking, they can even add cute toppings. Then get them in the kitchen to make the real thing with one of our delicious cookie recipes.

Do your kids love breakfast? Rumbling tummies and the prospect of good food is what gets our up every morning!! So have them serve up some waffles with this fun set! It includes a waffle iron, waffle pieces, fruit for topping, utensils, and so much more.

Kids will love slicing and arranging their own sandwiches with this set! It even includes a knife to practice their cutting and spreading skills. Perfect practice before you set out the ingredients for lunch and let them make their own real sandwiches!

Pretend to add some mayo to your sandwich with this set! Kids will love to pretend to spread condiments on their bread and meals. It looks just like a cafe set!

For the little grillers in the family, this is a must buy. They can pretend to grill up hotdogs, hamburgers, and more! Just like your own garden BBQs.

If you kids love some good pasts, then this fun set is the perfect gift for them. It includes a big pot, grated parmesan cheese, various pastas, and more. My girls would LOVE this one!

Taco Tuesday anyone? This set is perfect for pretending to have a taco night! It includes rice, queso, utensils, the tortilla for tacos, and much more! Ah, my favourite cuisine - I might get this one for myself!

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