Five Things to Have in Your Home When You Have Kids

When you have kids, it can be hard to keep things tidy. They like to play, run around, and seemingly make a mess in everything that they can! But all of the negativity and downsides to that stops right now. Here are five things that you need to keep in your home when you have one or more kids.

A stepping stool

You can get a sturdy step stool for your kids and toddlers at almost any online retailer. The more expensive choices will be helpful when you have really little ones because they latch and your child will be protected inside so they can't fall down and get hurt. This is perfect for anyone with a child that likes to help, but falls down and gets hurt whenever they try to climb or stand on something.

A split door

If you live in a home that you own, you should consider investing in a split door. This is a door that is cut in half so that your little ones are left inside their play area, but you can easily keep an eye on them. Kids can often climb over stairgates, but a split door will keep them safe inside their playroom.

Proper dishware

Everyone has a picky eater. Maybe your kids don't want their foods to touch, maybe they want to have a separate plate for different foods. Maybe they have a specific size fork or spoon that they like to use. Shop around to get a set of kids' dishware that they will love. You can even get one that comes in an easy carrying case so that trips to grandma's house are not a struggle when it comes to dinner time.

An easily cleanable mat

A mat that catches all and is easily cleanable is essential when kids are learning about and discovering food in the early years, particularly if you follow a baby led weaning approach. These a just like bath or car mats, but they are larger and can be cleaned easier. If your child spills their food or drink, you won't have to worry about cleaning up a large mess, it's all contained right there on the mat.

This type of mat is also great for anyone who has a child who loves to paint indoors or when kids are learning to bake and all that flour and icing sugar goes everywhere.

Child locks

Babyproofing your home is something that is worth investing in. Your child might not be interested in opening everything they see right now, but at some point they are going to want to open up your refrigerator, freezer, every single kitchen cabinet, and even things in the bedroom and bathroom. You can try your best to discourage this behaviour, but kids like to explore and this is one of the things that they are going to do no matter how hard you try to tell them not to. 

Child locks are going to be your favourite product as your baby gets older and into more mischief. You might have to buy smaller sets at first, but there is no harm in buying the locks in bulk so that you are completely prepared for everything that they might try to get into once they become mobile.

Raising and taking care of kids is amazing but sometimes a bit of a challenge, especially all the clutter! As parents we are all trying our best to do everything right. The things on this list will help make life with kids a little bit easier. From buying a split door to keep your child safe while still being able to keep an eye on them, to giving them their own freedom and space to be creative with a mat to catch the mess, you will find all of the essentials that no one thinks about on this list. So go through, see what is currently in your budget, and find what you need to keep you and your child happy.

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