20 of the Best Gift Ideas for PJ Masks Fans

If your child is OBSESSED with PJ Masks like Tatiana is, you are going to love this gift guide. With so many PJ Masks toys available, it can be hard to choose the perfect gift for your little fan. So I’ve rounded up some of the best PJ Masks gifts for you to choose from.

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they open their special Christmas gift featuring their favourite superheroes: the PJ Masks!

This popular show is a hit for a very good reason. I mean… wouldn’t you want to sneak out at night to fight crime?! (Well, as a child at least - I’m quite comfy in my bed at night these days!)

I’ve included all kinds of gift ideas in this guide, including learning toys (the tablet is top of Tatia's list!), play sets, books, and more. You are SURE to find plenty of great options your favourite little PJ Masks fan will LOVE.

Or if your child is obsessed, you can snag the whole list for Christmas! Scroll down to check out all of the most fun PJ Masks gift ideas for kids!

20 of the best Gift Ideas for PJ Masks Fans

PJ Masks Costumes Set

The biggest PJ Masks fans will be zooming all over the house wearing these! Watch as they get immersed in pretend play with smiles and excitement. Buy in the UK

This is such a great educational toy for kids! They get the chance to save the day with their favourite superheroes while learning vocabulary, phonics, typing skills, and more. This is numero uno on our youngest's Christmas list this year! Buy in the UK

If you have a little one learning to read, they will love these books. The set includes six Level 1 stories to get kids reading with their favourite characters! Buy the books separately in the UK

Build that memory muscle with this fun game! Kids can practice matching illustrations from their favourite show. Great for keeping little ones busy while you make lunch or a snack, too! Buy in the UK

The budding artist of the family will LOVE this backpack set! Inside are various art supplies such as crayons, play dough, stamps, books, and more. Buy similar in the UK

PJ Masks fans everywhere will be begging for bath time with these! The squirters feature each of our favourite superheroes that squirt water for some fun water play. Buy in the UK

Every PJ Masks fan needs the official headquarters, don’t you think? Now they can pretend to fight all kinds of crime with their PJ Masks pals! It also includes Catboy and his car. Buy in the UK

Add to the HQ fun with the figures and cars of each character. These are the perfect upgrade to the previous HQ play set! Catboy and Gekko are also available. Buy in the UK

If the HQ Playset is a bit outside your budget, these action figures are a great option! This set includes all the major characters from the show and is perfect for lots of PJ Masks play. Buy in the UK

Kids will love pretending they’re camping out with their PJ Masks friends. This tent also includes a tunnel which is perfect for helping little ones develop their gross motor skills. Buy in the UK

If you have a little who adores jigsaw puzzles, they will adore this set even more! It features all of their favourite characters in cut out shapes. Perfect for young puzzle fans. Buy in the UK

Bring the PJ Masks fun outside with this fun ride-on toy! Kids will love learning the basics of riding a bike with their favorite friends displayed on the wheels. Buy in the UK

This toy is SO FUN for PJ Masks fans everywhere. Transition from day to night fighting crime with these figures that change from their ordinary selves into crime-fighting heroes! Catboy and Owlette are also available. Buy in the UK

Introduce little kids to telling the time with a watch featuring their favourite superhero. Explore numbers, counting, and more while trying to fight crime! Owlette and Catboy versions are also available for purchase. Buy in the UK

As cool as the HQ is, we can’t forget our favorite villain! With this playset, kids will be able to pretend they’re fighting crime against Romeo as he tries to take over the world yet again! Buy in the UK

Blast off to the moon in this fun HQ rocket! Features exciting lights, sounds, and even a cool ramp. It also includes Gekko and his space rover to launch once they land on a planet in space. Buy in the UK

Kick PJ Masks space adventures up a notch with this fun moon rover vehicle! Kids will love to pretend they’re capturing the super-villains on adventures with the PJ Masks. Buy in the UK

We can’t possibly forget the turbo mover, it’s one of the most essential pieces of equipment for fighting villains! Place Catboy inside the cockpit and get crime fighting! Gekko and Owlette also available. Buy in the UK

This makes for a great stocking stuffer! Each disc represents each character for kids to engage in indoor and outdoor play. Not available in the UK, but what about this Air Jet playset?

How cute is this backpack?! Kids will love snuggling with their favorite pal and taking them along for their own PJ Masks adventures. Catboy and Owlette are also available. Buy in the UK

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