How to Make a Felt Leaf Garland for Autumn

One of the best ways to decorate your home for autumn is with a pretty garland. This autumn themed felt leaf garland tutorial makes a beautiful and creative decoration that will enhance your space and bring the feeling of fall into your home. This DIY craft is perfect for teens to make, or why not give it a go yourself?

Garlands can of course be whatever length you choose, so this is a very practical decoration for brightening up a variety of areas. We love it hung on a mantelpiece or bookshelf.

Beautiful on its own, or with other decorations. This autumn garland can serve as minimal decor for a room with little else to contribute to the seasonal decor, or it can be the backbone of an intricately detailed holiday party space.

Garlands can be incredibly versatile. Whichever style of decor you prefer, a garland is the easiest, most straightforward way to achieve that desired look.

Felt Leaf Garland Template

Print this leaf pattern template to start cutting out your leaf shapes. The templates come in a variety of shapes for you to create multiple stacks of differently shaped leaves.

Make as many as you like in any pattern you like. It's entirely up to you. You can use the printed template as a springboard and create any number of gorgeous leaf shapes and patterns.

Also up to you is the density of the garland. You can sew together as many felt pieces as you desire, or leave as much space between them as you choose.

Aside from the printable template, you need very little to make this craft. You just need a pen to mark your shapes in the felt, scissors to cut them, and the proper sewing equipment.

Adding Colour to your Felt Leaf Garland

This felt leaf garland can be made up in a variety of colours. You can use as many as you like to add more visual flair.

You may choose to use only different light and dark shades of green, or you may decide to make a beautiful fall-themed garland with reds and yellows, purples, and oranges.

Use the printable template then make this pretty garland your own.

Felt Leaf Garland for Autumn


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Felt in autumn colours
Sewing machine
Sewing thread


1. Cut out the printed templates and trace the leaf patterns onto felt.

2. Cut out multiples of each shape. The number will depend on how long you want your finished garland to be.

3. Stack the felt shapes on top of each other in the order they will appear in your garland.

4. Move the stack of felt pieces to your sewing machine.

5. Pull the top and bottom threads several inches before sewing. This will allow room for hanging the garland.

6. Choose a line on the sewing machine’s plate to guide your sewing. It can be to the right or left of the needle, but use it to line up each felt shape.

7. Sew with a straight stitch, adding felt shapes as you go. If you want space between the felt shapes, continue sewing air to form space between the shapes.

8. Continue sewing until all shapes have been added.

9. Pull the threads several inches before cutting.

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