15 of the Best Baby Yoda Gifts for Fans of The Mandalorian

Does your child love Disney's Mandalorian and the adorable Baby Yoda?

This is definitely the year of The Mandalorian and these super cute Baby Yoda gifts will be top of plenty of many children's wish lists this year.

Scroll down for a list of 15 adorable Baby Yoda gifts they'll adore!

In case you missed it, Baby Yoda became popular with the release of The Mandalorian on Disney+. With The Mandalorian Season 2 now dropped on Disney+ this October, you can binge-watch both seasons together!

Here are 15 of the best Baby Yoda gifts fans of the Mandalorian will LOVE!

This 11" plush is designed to be a toy or decor. Filled with beans in the base it’s designed to be extra sturdy to stand on its own. Buy in the UK

This is a 295 piece LEGO set that when complete makes a 3" The Mandalorian Figure and a 3" The Child Brickheadz figures. Buy in the UK

This toy features a moving head, ears, and even eyes with a total of 25 different sound and motion combinations. Buy in the UK

Official deck featuring The Child in 52 different images. (There are even some Wookies in this bunch!) Buy in the UK

This plush little buddy pillow measures 20” tall by 11” wide. Perfect for bedtime snuggles. Not available in the UK

This flying bundle of joy featured baby Yoda with a full smile ready to see the world. Recommended for ages 6+. Not available in the UK

Now your little one can snuggle up with Baby Yoda in this cute bedding set. Even better this comforter is also reversible. Buy in the UK

Same classic game with a new Baby Yoda twist.

The character tokens are different versions of baby Yoda, including the eating a frog pose and all the properties are ones you’ll recall from The Mandalorian. Buy in the UK

Set to be released in November 2020 this little guy is in a bag and measures over 3" tall. Buy in the UK

Instead of the classic bones being removed, in this game version you’re trying to keep the items away from The Child. Does require batteries that are not included. Buy in the UK

This sticker set features 50 different baby Yoda designs and is sunproof as well as waterproof. Buy in the UK

A new age growth on the old school Chia Pets. It will take 1-2 weeks to see full growth into our favorite little Yoda. Buy in the UK

You likely have seen this image on every baby Yoda meme for months and now you can piece it together at home with this Yoda puzzle. International shipping available

Perfect reading for ages 4-8 year olds and just 24 pages long. This little book is based on stories from The Mandalorian on Disney+. Buy in the UK

This little light features The Child, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. It has 16 colours and 3 modes and even a remote to change them. Buy similar in the UK

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