30 Brilliant But Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas Your Kids Will LOVE! {with FREE printable}

Can you believe that it's time for the Elf on the Shelf to be back?

If you're looking for some new places for your elf to be in your house, you're going to love these ideas for Elf on the Shelf!

This year is the year for all things silly and crazy and that means it's up to your elf to make that happen.

And since the elf only comes and visits once per year, it's no secret that every year you have to be bigger and better with all the craziness that the elf does.

These simple ideas are certain to have a fun and festive holiday happening in your home in no time at all.

While I'm definitely not in favour of the elf as Santa's policeman, reporting back on bad behaviour and the threat of no presents, he's a great idea to have some fun with during the month of December.

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30 Brilliant But Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas Your Kids Will LOVE! 

From hanging out in the dolls' house, driving around with our Barbie dolls, whipping up a storm in the kitchen, or creating chaos in the craft drawers, our little elf can have plenty of fun and be an exciting thing to wake up to every morning in December.

Here are some ideas for fun elf antics this Christmas season:

1. Make snow angels

2. Wake up to elf in a cup!

3. Drink some syrup

4. Line up toys for an elf parade

5. Build a toilet paper roll snowman

If you're looking for elf-spiration, and want to make it super easy on yourself, grab our free printable with the full 30 ideas for your tiny elf on the shelf that your kids will LOVE!


30 Super Fun Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

The best part about these elf on the shelf ideas is that they're all unique and cute.

Even though this time of year is full of fun and happiness, there's always room to have some silly shenanigans as well. 

Here are some more ideas:

6. Hide some candy

7. Decorate the toilet with Christmas bows

8. Have your elf do some colouring

9. Stack cans so elf can get to the sweetie jar!

10. Elf and a friend play tic-tac-toe

I'm always amazed at how excited the kids are every year for the elf on the shelf to happen.

Just when I think that they might have outgrown it and be ready to move on, they make a comment that lets me know they're 'patiently' waiting for him to arrive.

Here are some more fun and easy elf on the shelf ideas:

11. Elf gets his tinsel in a tangle - tangled in the Christmas lights

12. Elf makes some paper snowflakes to decorate with

13. Elf gets captured by the other toys and taped to the wall!

14. Elf tries to climb to the top of the Christmas tree

15. Elf draws funny faces on your eggs

Scroll down to grab our FREE printable so you have all 30 ideas right where you can grab them!

And just as much as there are days that I complain about having to remember to move it or get up to some crazy antics, I'll admit that I enjoy the little guy staying with us as well. 

There's no denying the fact that he brings our family a lot of happiness and smiles and a lot of excitement throughout the day when they're trying to figure out and find exactly where he is and what he's been up to. 

16. Elf reads a story to some friends

17. Find elf head first in a bag of sweets

18. Elf plays Solitaire

19. Elf draws Minion faces on the bananas

20. Tape candy canes together to make a sled for elf

If you're looking for some fun new ideas that are certain to be perfect for your elf this holiday season, enjoy these fun ideas!

Grab our free printable so you can have all 30 ideas right at hand when you need them and ensure your elf gets up tto some really crazy antics this holiday season!

They just might give you even more ideas of other ways to play with or hide him, too!


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