15 of the Best Barbie Dolls & Accessories Kids Will Love this Christmas - Barbie Doll Christmas Gift Guide

Barbie dolls and accessories have been popular toys for ages and each year they come out with some fun and creative Barbie dolls for kids to collect.

Today, there are countless dolls and accessories that kids can add to their Barbie collection. 

Each of the themed dolls and playsets allows your child to create their own imaginary world as they pretend to play with Barbie and her themed accessories.

From teacher Barbie to grilling Barbie, these Barbie dolls and accessories will be a blast for kids to play with. They also make the perfect gift for your Barbie fan! 

Barbie is ready to entertain as she cooks outside on her fancy grill set.

The set includes a kitchen with a grill, pizza oven, and dining area for her friends to join in.

Kids can pretend they are helping Barbie teach shapes and colours to her students with this set.

The blackboard even flips over for extra fun!

Complete with a playground and pretend sandbox, kids can help Barbie babysit and enjoy the outdoor playground.

Help Barbie run an ice cream shop with her favourite ice cream flavours!

Children will love pretending they are making and selling ice cream with Barbie.

Headed out on a camping adventure, Malibu Barbie has everything she needs to spend a night under the stars.

Ms. Fashionista is ready to set out on her travels as she rides her scooter through town.

The travel set includes a Barbie, stickers, and travel accessories.

Complete with fancy clothes and shiny accessories, this Barbie Extra Fancy doll is ready to show off her movie style wardrobe and be the star.

Water activated, the mermaid Barbie doll has a light up tail so that kids can pretend she is swimming through the water.

With curly blue hair, fashionable clothes, and a skateboard, this Barbie is ready to hit the skate park for some outdoor fun.

Inspired by the latest trends, this is just one of the Barbie Fashionista dolls that kids can add to their collection.

Barbie is off to take her pups on a walk with this playset.

The set comes with a stroller the pups can sit in, two pups and Barbie herself.

An Amazon exclusive, kids can help Barbie play her music and become one of the best musicians around.

The set includes a piano with different accessories to help her keep up with her music.

With each reveal, kids will love to see what surprise pet and Barbie doll might be under the unicorn costume. 

Barbie is here to help with her medical knowledge as she helps exams, bandage, and cast those who may have broken their bones.

Small enough to travel with, this portable one-storey Barbie dollhouse includes a fancy pool and accessories.

Kids will love having their Barbie dolls visit the house.

And one more because we love it!

Barbie offers kids plenty of open-ended play opportunities as they can act out different situations and scenarios.

This cute set comes with multiple play pieces, twins and even pets, which kids will love.

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