The Best Montessori Resources for Your Homeschool

With more of us having our kids at home, you may be on the search for a reliable list of Montessori resources for your homeschool.

Knowing whether something matches the Montessori philosophy can be tricky, plus they can sometimes be hard to find, so I’ve rounded up a good list for you to choose from.

With the Montessori philosophy, the goal is to help aid children in self-guided learning using natural materials.

We have tried our best to include a variety of options. So, no matter what skill you are currently working on, we hope you find some great resources from this list.

If you find yourself struggling with finding the perfect homeschooling supplies specifically for Montessori, this list should help.

With everything from number boards to moveable alphabets to writing trays and so much more.

You are sure to find some great options to add to your Montessori homeschool room or space.

Now, let’s get to the list of Montessori homeschooling resources!

The BEST Montessori Resources for Your Homeschool

Sandpaper Letters

Help your child learn letters by tracing them with their fingers! Part of the 3 period lesson of learning letters.

These sandpaper letters are GREAT for letter recognition and are incredibly sturdy. Buy in the UK

Movable letters are awesome after utilizing sandpaper letters. There are so many ways to use them.

Practice spelling, visual recognition, name recognition, or any other use you can get out of this resource!

This is the Montessori item we use, and love, the most. Buy in the UK

Start spelling 3 letter words with these spinning blocks!

These are fantastic for CVC words and I love how sturdy these are.

Perfect for teaching some of the simple rules of spelling. Buy in the UK

Practice maths of all kinds with this hundred board with removable number tiles!

This resource helps with number recognition, counting, sequencing, place value, basic math, and much more.

This is our most-used maths resource. Buy in the UK

A wooden board with hanging beads not only aids in number recognition, counting and math, but helps children visually understand their numbers.

Such a fun and engaging tool to utilize in your homeschool! Buy in the UK

You can also buy sets of bead bars in a tray which are really useful for both number recognition and value as well as learning the processes of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Buy in the UK

Practice 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s with these wooden cards.

This is an awesome resource to understand how numbers relate to one another, learning place value, counting, and more. Buy in the UK

How cool is this set?! Practice basic math with numbers or sticks with this set.

Helps kids truly understand the value of number. Buy in the UK

Introduce geometry with these 3D shapes.

Includes 12 solid shapes, including a cylinder, sphere, pyramid, and more. Buy in the UK

Practice shapes, patterns, colour recognition, hand to eye coordination and more with these patterns. 

The set includes pattern boards or you can make your own creations!

Includes a lid-free box to invite children to play on their own. Buy in the UK

Guide children to differentiate size and dimension with these colourful knob cylinder blocks!

Also helps with language development as they describe each block, and in developing fine motor skills. Buy in the UK

With this resource, kids will practice hand eye coordination as they match various colours with pegs. 

Very sturdy and lots of learning fun! Buy in the UK

Practice writing letters with this awesome sand tray!

Kids will love to practice writing words and letters. Buy in the UK

The traditional abacus with a fun new twist!

Practice adding and subtracting as you colour match with this resource.

The double sided board helps with hand to eye coordination, patterns, maths, and more. Buy in the UK

These magnetic tiles are GREAT for your homeschool.

Kids learn the science of magnets as they build 3D shapes, recognize colours, and much more. Buy in the UK

This book is great for families following Montessori style reading, introducing sounds before the letters.

It includes the first letters with the easiest sounds with areas to trace and pictures to accompany them. Buy in the UK

Explore the sound of music with this set.

It includes various instruments made from natural materials.

Great gift or tool for budding musicians! Buy in the UK

Practice motor skills with this awesome set!

Helps kids prepare for holding a pencil and making the motions for writing letters. Not available in the UK

Not only does this keep kids occupied for a good chunk of time, it is a GREAT learning tool!

They're practicing fine motor skills, creative thinking, pattern recognition and sequencing, colour recognition, and so much more! Buy in the UK

Introduce geography with these fun and vibrant puzzles!

A great puzzle set to help kids learn all about the states and continents in a fun and engaging way. Buy similar in the UK

Explore the different weights of objects with this fun resource.

Kids will learn to test science theory and develop language skills when describing how light or heavy objects are. Buy in the UK

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