The Perfect Rainbow Desserts for Your Next Tea Party or Celebration

Fun and tasty rainbow treats are great for serving any time of the year.

Rainbow desserts and treats are always fun and there are so many different desserts that you can dress up and make pretty and full of colour.

You can use rainbow desserts for just about any holiday or fun party.

Let’s face it, adding some fun colours to any treat always make it more delicious!

Rainbow treats are always a hit with kids, and they are super cute, colourful, and fun to make and eat.

Kids will love eating them during birthday parties, unicorn themed parties, and other spring or summer celebrations and family gatherings.

They are also perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, spring, Easter, and other holidays and occasions where fun desserts are served.

If you are looking for some fun and delicious rainbow desserts to serve at your next celebration or summer party, here is our list of great desserts that everyone will enjoy.

The Perfect Rainbow Desserts for Your Next Tea Party or Celebration

These soft and chewy cookie bars are topped with a sweet delicious buttercream frosting.

The cookies have bits of M&M’s in them to make them extra sweet.

These easy to make rainbow cupcakes are so effective and fun.

We love the cute mini clouds and blue sky background to the candy rainbows.

Colourful and tasty, these cute cereal cupcakes make for a fun dessert that everyone will love.

These meringues may look fancy and difficult to create, but they are easy to make and fun to eat!

Fun for birthday parties or holiday parties, these rainbow meringues are a tasty treat.

Made with colourful rainbow sprinkles, this easy marshmallow fudge is a delicious rainbow treat that both kids and adults will love.

This rainbow coloured bundt cake is easy to make and is perfect for any fun birthday party, celebration or holiday.

It’s full of bright fun colours and it’s a delicious cake that everyone will love.

This fun rainbow sherbet cheesecake has a sweet graham cracker crust and is a no bake dessert that tastes just as delicious as it looks!

Nothing is better than ice cream, especially during the warm summer months.

This homemade rainbow vanilla ice cream has swirls of fun rainbow colours and its topped with colourful sprinkles.

Delicious rainbow overload!

These soft sugar cookies are cut into simple circle shapes and decorated with all of the colours of the rainbow.

Kids will love these fun rainbow themed marshmallow krispy treats!

Using colourful cereal, these treats are full of colour and goodness.

These bright and colorful whoopie pies make for a great dessert. Made with cake mix, these cookies are moist, delicious, and fun.

These fun and tasty rainbow treats are made with colourful fruity pebbles cereal and marshmallows for a tasty rainbow rice krispie treat.

These vegan energy rainbow donut holes are fun, delicious, and healthy. They are no bake, gluten free, and vegan.

A chocolate brownie crust is topped with a delicious homemade vegan ice cream that’s both healthy and delicious.

This cake includes an awesome rainbow-colored heart inside of the chocolate bundt cake for a tasty surprise.

A creative take on a classic treat, this rainbow rice krispie treat is layered like a cake and topped with marshmallows.

This tasty layered rainbow cake is topped with a sweet chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.

It's vegan too!

Kids will love making these fun rainbow ice cream cones that they can use to enjoy their favourite ice creams.

This rock candy might be the prettiest candy out there, plus it’s easy to make and will be even more tasty to eat!

These tasty rainbow cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties or just because. They’ll also make a great summer treat for kids!

Full of fruity flavor, these rainbow fruit parfaits are a delicious way to enjoy a fruit dessert at any party or summer party.

These adorable pot of gold cookies are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or as a fun summer treat when you want a bit of rainbow sparkle.

Plain vanilla sponge cakes are layered with multi-coloured buttercream frosting and topped with fluffy, cloud-like white frosting and your favourite rainbow candies.

Kids will love this fun and colourful rainbow fudge.

It makes the perfect single serve dessert or treat that you can just grab and enjoy.

A sweet treat for everyone, this tasty rainbow popcorn is a super fun snack or treat that’s both pretty and delicious.

Kids will love helping put together these 'play dough' rainbow cookies!

They can use the colourful dough to create their own fun rainbow shaped cookies that are edible too!

These fun and colourful cookies are covered in rainbow sprinkles and are a delicious treat perfect for a rainbow themed birthday party.

Hope you enjoy these delicious rainbow treats!

Which on will you make for your next party or afternoon tea?

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