Adorable Toilet Paper Tube Sheep Craft for Kids to Make

Are you ready for the cutest cardboard roll cotton ball sheep craft ever?

This simple preschool craft is great for fine motor skills as well as creativity, too!

If you're ready for an adorable craft for spring or Easter, don't miss out on this fun activity!

Toilet Paper Tube Cotton Ball Sheep Craft 

Like most families, we always have tons of empty toilet paper rolls just lying around the house.

This craft not only means that you can put them to good use, but you could really let your kids go wild to create an epic sheep farm with this activity! 

The best part about this simple sheep craft is that it's so easy for the kids to make.

All they need is a little bit of creativity and the desire to create something adorable!

Cotton Ball Craft Fun 

I tend to stock up on cotton wool balls (especially these biodegradable ones)for crafts because they're so user-friendly and can be used for a ton of different craft ideas.

The best part about this easy sheep craft is that the cotton balls can literally be stuck onto the sheep body in any pattern that the kids want, so even the littlest hands can get stuck in!

This means that they have the creative freedom to decorate this sheep in a way that they want.

And every sheep that they make (because they'll want to make more than one!) is going to be different from the first.

Use this cotton ball craft as the perfect way to work on their fine motor skills and create a fun sheep craft for spring and Easter fun.

It can be propped up on the table to display or used as a fun craft that the kids can play with to use their imagination as well.

This is a super simple and easy sheep craft for kids!

How to Make Cardboard Roll Cotton Ball Sheep Craft


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Cardboard toilet paper tube rolls


1. Begin by applying glue around a cardboard toilet roll tube.

2. Stick cotton wool balls all around the cardboard roll.

3. Now cut out an oval shape from black card for the face.

4. You will also need to cut out 4 paw shapes and 2 small ear shapes, as shown.

5. Glue the ears to the back of the oval, to the side.

6. Stick on two googly eyes and draw a simple nose with the pink metallic marker.

7. Glue the head to the top of the cardboard roll.

8. Separate the cotton wool balls along the side and glue in the paws.

You have a fluffy, cute sheep! So fun either standing up or laying down!

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