5 Ways to Turn Coffee into Dessert

Have you ever wondered why coffee gives you so much energy for the day, and even makes you feel happy and joyful?

It’s a miracle drink, witha long history that has seen it spread across the world, and now we have an excellent beverage that has become an integral part of most people’s lives.

There is no clear evidence of when and where the first coffee beans were found and its history remains the stuff of legend.

It's believed the story of coffee begins many centuries ago in the lands of what is now the East African nation of Ethiopia.

There was an Ethiopian man, a goat herder, who one day discovered that his goats were being unusually energetic.

He found out that they had eaten some red berries.

He took those berries to a local monk to show the effect they made on animals, but the monk didn’t approve of it and hastily threw the berries into the furnace where they roasted a little bit and started to produce an unfamiliar smell.

The aroma was so intense but pleasant that the goat herder removed them quickly from the fire and put the beans into cold water in the mug to cool down.

He tried the drink afterward and couldn’t resist it. People were delighted with this new drink.

And that, supposedly, is how the consumption of coffee started. 

Today it is hard to imagine a day without a good cup of coffee whether it is strong and short, or smooth and cold, white or black.

It can be served with different toppings and even become a picture of the day on your Instagram feed to inspire you and your friends for the whole day ahead!

Now coffee is considered to be an essential part of our everyday life.

Much research also shows that coffee can positively affect our overall health.

Some scientists are also recommending coffee as a way to fight obesity

Whatever the reason or the style you want your coffee served to you, it should definitely give you pleasure.

A huge range of coffee machines and coffee makers are available today for different types of brewing systems.

There are so many types of coffee brewing equipment to choose from.

You can find popular devices such as drip machines everywhere.

But there is a good alternative to some expensive electric machines that can help you make wonderful coffee by using steam, it’s the Moka pot.

Still don’t know what the best coffee beans for moka pot are? Don't worry, there is a great variety you can choose from that will make your day!

Here we are going to discuss several ways to turn your coffee into a dessert so you can enjoy it without knowing that it can be both good for your health and delicious.

Some of the recipes are so simple that you even don’t have to cook anything.

Grab some ice cream and it’s done!

Looking for something simple and funky?

Take some ice cream (vanilla is best), put it in a bowl and pour your favourite coffee over it.

By the way, do you still drink instant coffee because you can’t find a cheap coffee maker?

Did anybody ever tell you that the best home coffee makers under $200 really exist?

They are very convenient and affordable.

As for this dessert, it's better to eat it straight away before the ice cream melts completely.

Italians call this recipe Affogato.

They prefer to make it by using hot espresso. You could also try this method. 

Not traditional brownies

You'e undoubtedly already tasted different kinds of brownies.

There is a great variety of recipes on the internet, but you can jazz up plain chocolate brownies with this one trick.

Just add 1 tbsp of ground coffee or one cup of coffee to the batter to make a huge difference.

The coffee will enhance the chocolate flavour and make your brownie unbelievably delicious.

Coffee jelly - have you tried it yet?

Coffee jelly is so simple to make and it disappears so quickly too!

All you need is gelatine, sugar, and black coffee.

You can add toppings of your choice too, or eat just as is.

A coffee cake!? It’s a piece of cake

Espresso or strong coffee can be added to the batter when preparing an ordinary cake.

This will make the cake extraordinary, and here in the UK we love to add some chopped walnuts too.

This moist cake is delicious and tastes so rich.

You'll never know unless you try!

Coffee popsicles for the summery mood

From childhood we have such a strong association between popsicles and summer heat.

Ice pops are such a nice, indulgent treat and you can even make coffee ones!

You will need to brew a cup of espresso, milk (if you want it to be cappuccino-y), corn syrup, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Use popsicle moulds then pop your posicle in the freezer to chill down.

Leave them for a day, then treat yourself to a little piece of chilled heaven.

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