How to Help Your Child Adjust to Glasses

Change is always difficult, no matter your age, but change can be particularly tricky to cope with when you’re a child.

If your little one has recently been prescribed lenses, they might be feeling confused or worried.

But glasses are a normal part of life and there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier. 

With a bit of support and encouragement, they’ll be loving their new specs in no time at all.

Here are some tips on how to help them adjust to their glasses...

Show Them Your Glasses

If you’re a prescription glasses wearer, telling your child they’ll be just like you can be the easiest way to help them get used to the idea of new lenses.

All children want to be just like their parents and feel more grown-up, so have a closer look at your glasses together and maybe even let your child try them on for fun.

You could buy yourself some new glasses if you’re due an upgrade, making this new journey a joint one.

Your child may want to get a pair similar to yours or enjoy helping you to pick the ones that look the best.

If you’re looking to find a set that allows you to see close up as well as far away, take a look at this huge range of bifocal lenses here.

Make it a Learning Opportunity

Kids love to learn and sometimes their fear manifests as a result of not knowing enough.

It’s important to explain how glasses can help them while putting to rest any fears about their vision. 

Going through different types of glasses might also make them feel more secure and soon enough they’ll be proud to explain their long- or short-sightedness to teachers and friends.

You could also teach them how to keep their eyes healthy.

Give Them Control

It might be tempting to take the wheel and steer your child into picking frames that you like, but it’s important to let them choose for themselves.

Make sure your optician informs you about any styles that may be unsuitable and keeps a close eye on fit, but your child should be free to select the colour and shape.

Don’t feel too concerned if they end up picking bright blue or yellow, as plenty of kids have colourful specs.

And if it boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to keep their glasses on during the day it’s a small price to pay!

Buy a Custom Case

The carry case your child’s glasses arrive in may not be very interesting in their eyes, so it can be a good idea to extend the shopping experience and treat them to a case they like.

There are so many options out there, from cases with cartoon characters to those you can draw on yourself.

This not only helps your child feel more excited about their new eyewear but also encourages them to keep their glasses safe and protected.

Have Patience

Some children will quickly get used to their glasses, while for others, it will be a bit of a learning curve. 

Remember to keep reminding your child that it’s important to wear their glasses and let teachers at school know that they should have them on.

If your child complains the glasses don’t fit properly, make sure you check that they are right for their face.

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