20 Great Travel Toys to Make Your Next Road Trip with Kids More Fun

Are you planning a road trip with kids soon?

Looking forward to the continual cries of "I'm bored!" and "Are we there yet?" ?


Read on to find out how to keep your kids busy in the car - even having fun! - on your next family road trip.

Instead of kids being glued to electronic devices, try some of these fun travel toys for kids.

These fun activities will keep them interacting, having fun and maybe even learning something new too!

Check out our guides to fun car games you can play here:

And here are some ideas to stay organized in the car with kids during a road trip:

  • Keep travel games in baggies
  • Invest in a Backseat car organizer (goes on the back of the front seats with organizer pockets)
  • Lap trays (you can find these at your local discount stores now too)

Now, let’s get into having fun while travelling with kids.

Here are our favourite travel toys that will make your next road trip with kids so much more fun and less stressful!

20 Great Travel Toys to Make Your Next Road Trip with Kids More Fun

Doodle Magnetic Board

These classic drawing boards are perfect for travelling because the sky's the limit with what the kids can draw!

Give them themes to draw through the car ride or even have them just draw what they see on the way.

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game

This fun card game comes with 54 cards and is designed to be for at least two players.

So it will have kids playing together during your car ride.

Sensory Fidget Toy Bundle

Keep their hands busy while you adventure on the roads with this 25 piece fidget toy bundle.

These do have small pieces and some contain fluid, so not recommended for younger kids.


Magnetic Board Game Set

This set has 12 different board games that are magnetic so the pieces are less likely to fall off and disappear in the car.

Hint: Use our baggie hack to keep everything together!


Bead Kits

Melissa & Doug have bead kits that are made for younger kids (not too young though as there are still small pieces).

With these kits kids can create their own necklaces, bracelets, and more!


Drawing Fashion Plates

If you have a designer on your hands they’ll love any of these drawing fashion plate toys where they can create the next popular fashion!


Would You Rather?

This popular game is great for the whole family or car to play along with.

This exact one comes with 160 questions to ask!

You can use those questions to open up other conversations that will make the road trip go by in a flash.


Mad Libs

Mad libs have been around for years and they never get old!

You can choose a theme for your Mad Libs, use these pre-made scenarios and then even make your own!


Spot It!

These games are designed to require focus, plus there are five different ways to play! 

Each set comes with at least 50 cards. (Known as Dobble in the UK.)


Wikki Stix

These are perfect for children who love to doodle but want to make their creations come to life!

You can bend it and pose it and they won’t break.

Each set comes with 24 sticks to create with.


Baby Travel Book

These travel books are great for younger toddlers and babies.

They incorporate multiple sensory activities as well as fine motor activities that the little ones can grab on to and play with.


Giant Art Case

NOT recommended for younger kids, this set has 1600 craft supplies included and comes in a zipper carrying case.

Perfect for endless creating of arts and crafts.


Crayola Colour Wonder

The Crayola Colour Wonder sets are designed for colouring without the mess, making them perfect for the car.

The ink ONLY works on the Colour Wonder paper so no markers on the car seat!

Other characters are available.


Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Books

These sticker books allow children to create and recreate scenes and stories without a mess.

The pages are all inside the booklet and can be flipped through, while the stickers come on separate sheets that can be used over and over again.


LeapFrog Scribble & Write

If you have younger children who are learning to write, this is the perfect way to help them learn as well as keep them busy during those long car rides!

It does require batteries and makes some noises though.


Travel Journals

A great way for kids to be interactive on the trip and also create an awesome keepsake.

This is for older children who are able to read and write on their own.


Busy Board

These are designed to keep younger children busy and entertained with colours, sounds and other sensory experiences.

Recommended for ages 1-4


Travel LEGO

You can take their favourite building sets along for the ride with this easy carrying case and LEGO set! 

The best part is they can build over and over again and keep the unused pieces in the carrying case.

Check out our LEGO gift guides for ideas on what sets to buy.


I Spy Travel

A new spin on the classic I Spy game, now there’s a travel edition to keep the car ride interesting. The best part is that kids and parents of all ages can play! (Contains 48 cards)


Educational Puzzle Books

Keep their brains active with this set of puzzle books.

There’s brain teasers, word puzzles, and more for them to decipher their way through.

(Make sure your little one doesn’t get car sick while reading though!)

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