20 of the Most Super Cool Crafts for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

Do your kids love dinosaurs?

There's something about those prehistoris critters that obsesses kids, and luckily evidence suggests that kids who love dinosaurs have higher intelligence.

These fun dinosaur crafts are perfect for any dinsoaur-loving kids or if you are studying a dinosaur theme in your homeschool.

No matter how long they have been gone from the face of the Earth, dinosaurs will never be forgotten. 

If for no other reason, kids simply can't get enough of them.

There are so many wonderful varieties of dinosaurs, which means that there is sure to be at least one of these "terrible lizards" that your kids will claim as their favourite.

Of course, the best dinosaurs of all are the ones we make when we get creative with crafts.

That's because we can make those dinosaurs look just the way we want them to look and no matter how big and tough and scary they may be, we know they won't bite us or destroy the house.

We can actually be friends with a T-Rex and live to tell the tale! 

I've collected together some of the cutest dinosaur crafts I could find on the internet, and I invite you to look through the list and find your favourites.

Whether you are looking for party games, a project to help decorate, or simply a way to keep the kids busy for an afternoon, you'll love the selection of super cool and adorable dinosaurs to be found here. 

And best of all, your kids are gonna love them too!

You can find even more fun dinosaur crafts here!

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids to Make

This cute little triceratops face is easy for kids to create and will remind them of their triceratops friend from The Land Before Time.

The silly smile, green skin, and 3D look to this craft makes me think it would make a great mask if reworked just a little.

Although this is definitely not a project for the toddlers who will love playing with it, it IS a project that older children might really enjoy making for a younger sibling or cousin or you could make it for them.

This hobby horse is simply delightful and would be loads of fun - and a great teaching experience - if one of your kids would enjoy an afternoon sewing with Mum!

Pasta necklaces are a pretty tried and true kid craft.

And when the necklaces are made with dinosaur pasta, they become even cooler.

Let them add a little paint to make their necklace bright and colourful and your kids will have a necklace they are proud to wear.

These clothespin dinosaurs are another craft that adults and older kids can have fun making for the younger ones to play with.

Kid will get the chance to practice their painting and scissor-cutting skills as they put together these adorably fierce little friends.

If you have a couple of empty rectangular tissue boxes, your kids can make some super awesome dinosaur feet.

All it takes is some construction paper and glue to make some feet that will invite much stomping and roaring from your little ones.

The perfect accompaniment to the book Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct.

Whether you're looking for a fun activity to keep your little one busy on a rainy afternoon, or a group activity during a party, this easy pasta dinosaur craft is a load of fun.

The pasta looks just enough like dinosaur bones so kids can use their imagination in creating their own dinosaur skeleton with just a little paper and glue.

You'll have fun seeing what they come up with!

These paper plate dinosaurs are so adorable and kids will love that they can choose from three different dinosaurs when creating their new friend.

All they need is the right template and an age-appropriate pair of scissors.

Add some paint, glitter, and whatever else your kids want to use and they can make their dinosaurs as unique and special as themselves!

This craft is more for parents to make, but since it involves the precious feet of your tiniest tots, it counts.

There are so many cute ways to capture the memory of those small feet and this T-Rex is one of the cutest ones I've seen.

Long after those little feet have become big feet, this little T-Rex will still be roaring!

These paper plate dinosaurs are an excellent craft for older children.

Made with paper plates, cardstock, clothespins, and creativity, these friendly dinosaurs are just waiting for your child to bring them to life!

With just a little salt dough, your kids can create their very own dinosaur fossils.

This sensory activity is great for kids of all ages as they work the dough into flat patties and decide how they want their fossils to look.

For added fun, after the fossils are created, bury them in some sand so your kids can "excavate" them!

Making these dinosaurs from cupcake liners give your kids all kinds of different design choices.

These friendly dinosaurs are a great party craft or afternoon project.

Kids can even make them to use on their very own greeting card gifts for special occasions!

Kids love a fun and easy craft that they can wear.

This printable dinosaur bracelet is a great project.

Kids can get practice using scissors, coloring creatively, and when they are all finished, they will have a bracelet they are proud to wear!

While this isn't exactly a dinosaur craft, it is a rather crafty creation that kids can help make for a fun Summertime party.

Simply freeze little dinosaurs and other artifacts in blocks of ice.

Once frozen, kids will have great fun finding ways to dig out their little artefacts!

Part craft, part learning activity, this Paper Plate Dinosaur is designed to balance on its clothespin feet when finished.

This STEAM activity offers kids a fun, creative activity to battle the boredom of a long afternoon.

And just wait to see how cute their dinosaurs will turn out!

Sometimes the craft you and your kids are most in the mood for is some good old fashioned coloring with crayons, markers, or even watercolour paints.

That's when this collection of printable dinosaurs comes in handy.

Kids can choose whichever picture they like.

Simply print and let the fun begin!

Toilet paper rolls make for some of the most creative crafts sometimes, and these little dinosaurs are a prime example.

These fetching little dinosaur friends are easily brought to life with just a bit of creative design, cutting, gluing, and colouring.

Make enough for your kids and their friends so they can enjoy some pretend play with their own dinosaur community.

These adorable paper plate dinosaurs have bit stompy feet and bodies covered in dots and hearts.

They are so much fun for kids to make and their friendly smiles warm the heart.

Perfect for decorating Valentine's cards or for any other occasion when kids want to say, "I love you!" to someone special!

With some construction paper, an empty cereal or snack box, some glue, and creativity, your kids can make this wonderful movable dinosaur.

The secret is that the limbs are connected to the body with paper fasteners, allowing you to position them any way you wish to make your dinosaur walk or stand or anything else you want.

The best crafts are the ones you can play with later!

With some small pieces of felt leftover from another project, you and older children can make these precious felt dinosaurs.

Easy to cut out and sew together by hand, these little dinosaurs look so adorable when they are all stuffed and ready for play.

These could be the very first stuffed animals your children ever make, but they certainly won't be the last!

If your kids are helping you prepare for a dinosaur-themed party, this is a great crafty to keep them busy for a while.

By adding some construction paper to a disposable plate, you can turn a simple serving dish to cute little dinosaur.

When his body is all piled high with food, you and your guests will know that he really is as friendly as he seems!

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