Setting Your Side Hustle Up For Success: 4 Ways It Can Be Done

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the norm for millions of people across the country and while remote working comes with multiple benefits, it’s also opened up a myriad of opportunities for individuals who previously may not have had the time or energy to develop their own businesses or side hustles.

Earning an income as a self-employed entrepreneur is certainly an uphill struggle, but with the right approach, prioritisation, time management and helpful tools, you can successfully balance a full-time job and a side hustle, respectively. In this post, we’ll explore how to set up your side hustle for success with 4 ways it can be done. Read on to find out more.

Get To Grips with A Streamlined Payments Process

Discussing payment processes can feel a little premature, especially when your side hustle is in its early stages. However, getting to grips with and investing in a streamlined payments process can help you hit the ground running, exceed your clients’ expectations and help you get paid faster – something which is crucial in the early stages of business success. Utilising FreshBooks and their free invoice templates means simplifying the payments process with high quality, professional looking invoices that you can create and send out within minutes.

With a range of options available, you can quickly edit and customise your invoice templates, strengthening your branding and company image, as effectively prompting your clients to pay you quickly. Whatsmore, these templates are free, so if you’re looking to keep costs low as your enterprise finds its feet, then FreshBooks and their invoice templates can help.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

While you may have big dreams and you’re convinced that your startup can turn into a full-time business, it’s vital that you maintain a good source of income whilst your side hustle finds its feet. So, at this point – don’t quit your day job. Instead, use your current role to fund your business and potentially utilise your current network of colleagues and like-minded professionals to build interest in your side hustle.

Establish Your Working Hours

As a budding entrepreneur chances are you’ll be desperate to start the ball rolling and work every spare hour you have. While this is commendable, entrepreneurs should be wary of burning themselves out, especially if they already have a full-time job. Instead, take a more structured approach and establish a sensible set of working hours to focus on your side hustle. This may mean your day starting a little earlier, or making your lunch breaks a little more hectic – but, find a way to make it work!

And Finally: Decide on Your Goals

Setting goals and targets for your side hustle can help drive you to keep going and keep you focused.

While it might not be sensible to aim for 1000 customers in your first month, smaller and more attainable goals such as having your website ready and launched in X amount of time, can keep the ball rolling and get you a step closer to success.

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