How To Give Your Property More Kerb Appeal in 2022

Kerb appeal can add up to 7% to the value of your home. This is worth close to an extra £20,000 in additional value to the average UK home, which was priced at £249,000 in January 2021. 

We’ve spoken to a housing specialist who’s given us some expert tips on what you can do to give your property more kerb appeal in 2022. The expert notes that your front door is the “key to unlocking this extra value” you can add to your property. 

Here’s what housing expert Ade Labinjo — CEO and Co-Founder of online mortgage broker Breezeful said about giving your home more kerb appeal in 2022.

Your front door is the centrepiece of your home

Ade Labinjo believes your front door is the “key” to adding more kerb appeal to your home and boosting the value of your property. 

Here’s what he says: 

"Your front door is the centrepiece of your home and that gives it enormous kerb appeal potential. People are instantly drawn to your front door and this plays a huge role in forging their initial opinion about your property."

He went on to explain why this makes such a big deal to people: 

"The reason this first opinion is so important to your kerb value is it directs where people’s next thoughts go. It plays a massive role in determining whether they think they’d like to see more of the property or if they’ve already seen too much of it."

It’s because of this that Labinjo says your front door is the “key” that unlocks the “extra value” you get from giving your home more kerb appeal. 

Labinjo offered some helpful advice on how to use your front door to boost the kerb appeal of your home. We’ve listed and explained them in the following sections. 

Give your front door a lick of blue paint 

Colour makes a big difference to the kerb appeal of your property. 

“Making sure your front door is the right colour is the simplest and most effective way of making your home more valuable”, according to property expert Ade Labinjo. 

Blue is the colour that adds most to your home, with research finding that this increases the value of your property by an average of £4,000.  

Given that it costs as little as £150 to paint a front door, Labinjo said that painting your door blue is a “no-brainer”. 

Add decor & accessories to your front door 

Decor and accessories can really spruce up your front door. 

“Adding a little decor and a few accessories can really make your front door stand out,” says housing specialist Ade Labinjo. 

Many people add some garnish to the front door during the holiday season but decor and accessories aren’t just for Christmas. 

They’re something that adds a touch of uniqueness any time of the year, so long as you pick items that work with the style of your front door. You could add some lighting to your door or put some plants nearby it. 

Putting in the effort to make your front door more appealing is really worthwhile for homeowners. 

Put deadlocks on to make your door more secure 

Appearance counts for a lot when it comes to protecting your property. 

“If your front door looks secure then it makes thieves less likely to try and break into your home”, recommends property guru Ade Labinjo.

Deadlocks are a security feature that has the substance to go with its appearance. They make it much harder for people to break into your home, so burglars take one look at your door and decide it’s not worth their effort trying to get inside. 

It costs about £150 to install a deadlock to your front door. It’s a worthwhile investment that will make your property look more secure from the kerb, making potential homebuyers happier about purchasing it.

Your front door is the centrepiece of your home. Adding a lick of paint, decor/accessories and deadlocks to it could really help its kerb value. 

And with the UK’s average house prices hitting a record high of £266,000 in June 2021, adding 7% to the value of a property could increase its worth by £18,620. 

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